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Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show...

#fortnite skin contest #fortnite #fortnite rifty #fortnite fashion show #Gaming
Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show...
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Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show...

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Rifty photo 1 Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show... Rifty photo 2 Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show... Rifty photo 3 Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show... Rifty photo 4 Fortnite Ugly Fashion Show...

reply to this comment and i'll heart the ugliest commenters

by Rifty 8 months ago

My brain every time I hear Riftyโ€™s background music:

by PeacefulRises 8 months ago

Rifty: hits 1MIL Subs:
Next mission: Get Bruh Moments to 1 MIL

by Hybrid 8 months ago

" this chicken is uglier"
Isn't that the point??

by Stfu Alekz 8 months ago

How dare you "accidentally" shoot me

by Monkys_123 8 months ago

Me: That's pretty dope
cant buy it

by King C4 8 months ago

Rifty: We already have one Wooly Warrior, I'm sorry.

Also Rifty: lets 2 Ruin's and 2 of the Chickens

by Ethan Alex 8 months ago

But little did you know


by WYATT 8 months ago

2019: Most expensive/Cheapest mouse and keyboard challenge

2020: iTโ€™s aLl aBoUt fAsHiOn

by qiL 8 months ago

it was such a good stream :D

by DeadLeGenD 8 months ago

Man I made it into this but a default killed me before I even got judged, Iโ€™m so sad, but honestly, major bruh moment

by Jack Swanson 8 months ago

"Cuz it's the Cleveland Browns, bro"

Everyone agrees though XD

by E.mp3 8 months ago

lost a couple brain cells when you said โ€œill escort you in by yourselfโ€

by ops 8 months ago

I guess this has become a new trend every YouTuber does now.

by ExactlyAmell 8 months ago

You should make one being a โ€œNormalโ€ fashion show and you should trigger your viewers by killing the good styles

by JuffyTS 8 months ago

No views, 90 likes... Good Job YouTube, again

by linP x 8 months ago

I had just died. And that dude was in my squad. I was using beef boss with a mismatching back bling

by Tri Box 8 months ago

anybody realize that rifty killed HJDoogan

by vhs. Kice 6 months ago

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