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Fortnite Tik Toks that will ruin your childhood...

#reaction #tik tok #fortnite tik toks #rifty tik toks #Gaming
Rifty reacts to fortnite tik toks! protect your childhood!!
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Fortnite Tik Toks that will ruin your childhood...

#fortnite #fortnite reaction #daily upload rifty #fortnite rifty #fortnite battle royale #rifty

Rifty photo 1 Fortnite Tik Toks that will... Rifty photo 2 Fortnite Tik Toks that will... Rifty photo 3 Fortnite Tik Toks that will... Rifty photo 4 Fortnite Tik Toks that will...

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by Rifty 1 months ago

Literally NOBODY:
Not even morgzs mum:
6 year olds in riftys comment section: FiRsT

by RAVAGE 1 months ago

who as actually seen the YouTube video that came from

by SLEDGI ., 1 months ago

me when the free vbuck generator actually works

by Scythe_Cannon 4 weeks ago

cole's feet exposed confirmed. Ladies and gentlemen, we got em.

by LilRiftyFishy 1 months ago

he do be speaking henchman doe

by El3TriC 1 months ago

me when I saw that: ok
Iโ€™ve been playing call of duty since I was 4 and I remember this moment

by TheReal_Ghost 1 months ago

When the "THIS IS A CERTIFIED HOOD CLASSIC" turned on I lost it.

by Izzy 1 months ago

when riftys game crashes๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™

by Carter Randle 1 months ago

I remember just looking to see if my parents were looking over and over ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Cosmo 1 months ago

for some reason I thought he was cup stacking or wtv itโ€™s called๐Ÿ’€

by 999REY 1 months ago

isnโ€™t that still PS4? This kid littery Making That on accident just making people leave Xbox one into PS4

by Port 1 months ago

He do be spittin straight facts doe

by Ryan Kolb 1 months ago

Tik tok: exists
Every one with an IQ over 1: why tho

by Augustus Kulling 1 months ago

dude shaking hks head getting 5k likes
me: working so hard and gets 100 likes BRUH

by FrankiePlaysBGS 1 months ago

I no cap wanted to keep watching that to see spongebob scream more curse words

by Fortniter 90 1 months ago

I have never been so scared in my life

by EkGaming24 1 months ago

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