rifty photo 1 fortnite rifty photo 2 fortnite rifty photo 3 fortnite rifty photo 4 fortnite

how many more fortnites can I add to video titles?

by Rifty 4 months ago

The thumbnail perfectly summarises what Fortnite is like rn

by Soap 4 months ago

riftys editor: how much saturation do u want

rifty: yes

by I TAKE DUBS!!! 4 months ago

So we just gunna ignore that Rifty is wearing a Mob psycho shirt🌚

by Julianna Gutierrez 4 months ago

Riftey: I think your dads Mexican cause he a mechanic

Buddy: Doesn’t get offended, and is just excited when he said that

by Carter Tittle 4 months ago

I’ve watched every of the 22 daily uploads so far. Who else has?

by Joyu 4 months ago

Me when I saw rifty was wearing a mob psycho t shirt: :00

by KianCruz 4 months ago

Buddy is the dankest, coolest, nicest, cutest, most innocent 7 year old

by Chewy Yoda 4 months ago

"Is your dad mexican or you mom mexican im guessing your dad sense hes a mechanic" im like how did he know!?

by TheGreat Papyrus 4 months ago

I looked up the “I’m cracked btw” kid.
He’s got a 0.82 K/D ratio.

by Jonathan Swanathan 4 months ago

Because his dad's a mechanic he has to be Mexican ok rifty

by CCG eludeus 4 months ago

We hit 1.420 million subs

Rifty: can we hit 3 million

by SG Bruceyy 4 months ago

I love the fact that Rifty and Buddy are friends despite their age difference ❤️

by LODIELIE B 4 months ago

I swear imma do this every time my squad fill agrees to drop with me

by Nathan S 4 months ago

Hey rifty, my friend has epilepsy and he really loves ur vids, he was in the dude perfect doc the guy with the glasses so if you could u know check him, out he’s not the best but he’s funny, he would be sooooo happy. Thank you!!! His name is JakeTheDragon95

by New home Connor 4 months ago

Buddy is now a “content creator” he creates content for Rifty

by How To Easy 4 months ago

Prank : Buddy is now dating Becca, and Buddy made love.

by Kenn 4 months ago

Rifty: it’s like fifty without the R

Evan: FifTy DoEseNt HaVE An R

by SG Bruceyy 4 months ago

When rifty says “smash like at the same time” but you’ve already smashed like when you clicked on the video 🥜

by Ellie McMahon 4 months ago

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