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2020 portrayed by fortnite

Rifty photo 1 2020 portrayed by fortnite Rifty photo 2 2020 portrayed by fortnite Rifty photo 3 2020 portrayed by fortnite Rifty photo 4 2020 portrayed by fortnite

i am back homies lets get this CONTENT!!

by Rifty 1 month ago

Yes, anyone that complains about wearing a mask, is bassicly saying "furries are stronger than me"

by FlamingSkull666 1 month ago

"Thy lord of thou memes hath returned"
Joe-sus Mama

by SmokeeBacon BTW 1 month ago

Underrated opinion: Corona shouldโ€™ve started in Las Vegas cause what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

by Speed Pug 1 month ago

Yo. To anyone reading this have a certified hood classic day.

by TMS2022 Gavin R 1 month ago

Karens: No i will not wear a mask
Karen's when they get covid: Stores should of enforced the mask wearing rule!!

by Sam Gamez 1 month ago

I imagine in the future all the kids will watch this like: who needs toilet paper

by LOLILOLS kaleb 1 month ago

Fun fact: people that are first donโ€™t even comment
Edit: how did i even got 130 likes ty guys so much

by Azrail XD 1 month ago

Finally you post, we thought u weโ€™re gonna pull a fe4rless on the boys

by Salt-Funny299 1 month ago

You can't even say hi to a girl without being called a simp

by tiredz 1 month ago

When he said netflix show i tought he was talking abt cuties

by paints :D 1 month ago

Me: walks past a girl. The girl: Are you a simp because Iโ€™m a hot garl

by Zurc Cruz 1 month ago

I know why he was away he was torturing kids in he's basement

by Mythical man123 1 month ago

This is incorrect, Karen would scream and instead of saying "this is a free country" she would "i wanna speak to the menneger"

by Jay Dwarf 1 month ago

This was a certified hood classic

by Sajjan Bird 1 month ago

I learned 2 things: Riftyโ€™s a simp, and Beccaโ€™s a Karen

by Phishy 1 month ago

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