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U.S. coronavirus 'extraordinarily widespread,' White House expert says

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The United States is in a new phase of the novel coronavirus outbreak with infections 'extraordinarily widespread' in rural areas as well as cities, White House coronavirus experts said.

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Reuters photo 1 U.S. coronavirus 'extraordinarily widespread,' White... Reuters photo 2 U.S. coronavirus 'extraordinarily widespread,' White... Reuters photo 3 U.S. coronavirus 'extraordinarily widespread,' White... Reuters photo 4 U.S. coronavirus 'extraordinarily widespread,' White...

you know what else is widespread? stupidity

by moh maud 1 month ago

I like how there are more dislikes than likes on every covid related videos from different news channels lol

by Ice Fury, Director of Shield 1 month ago

People still have large gatherings without masks on, stupidity spread faster than virus

by Kenny Phun 1 month ago

Corona is extraordinarily widespread?! Extraordinary news! I did not know this already!

by edjk00 1 month ago

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ― Mark Twain

by RockfishDave 1 month ago

Past few months have shown that the virus isn’t what America has to worry about, its stupidity

by Matthew Ng 1 month ago

"World to end in 20 minutes. Tune in at for details."

by mic pic 1 month ago

Wow, who knew a virus affecting millions and killing tens of thousands was widespread.

by JE H 1 month ago


by HeistGeist 1 month ago

Guys this is breaking news none of us knew that covid was spreading even more

by br1ann88 1 month ago

i wouldnt call them experts , i would call them traitors on bill gates board,

by earnest 1212 1 month ago

Tell me something I havent been told 100 times already...

by Frank Conrad 1 month ago

Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one- Sandy Cheeks

by 0415jacob 1 month ago

We already knew that it was widespread.

by KarmaStar 1 month ago

I have no respect at all for the speaker.

by Phone Dude61 1 month ago

So last week it was Fauci and he caught heck. So now they're sending out Birx, maybe the public will treat her better.

by LiS Wright 1 month ago

Truly most fun I've had, I laughed so hard I peed myself. Thanks.

by Monna Hubbs 1 month ago

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