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Trump says he will ban TikTok app in the U.S.

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China's ByteDance has agreed to divest the U.S. operations of TikTok completely in a bid to save a deal with the White House, after President Donald Trump said he had decided to ban the app, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

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Reuters photo 1 Trump says he will ban... Reuters photo 2 Trump says he will ban... Reuters photo 3 Trump says he will ban... Reuters photo 4 Trump says he will ban...

Video title: Trump says he'll ban TikTok in the US.
First 5 seconds: Trump: "We're looking at TikTok. We MAY have to ban it."

by Defiant Politics 1 days ago

Comrade queen trump wants to ban them because they haven't bribed her.

by Michael Tobin 1 days ago

How about banning Twitter while you’re at it.

by Green Mile 1 days ago

China's ownership is just an excuse for Trump's ban. Google "sarah cooper tiktok trump" to find real reason.

by Scott H. 23 hours ago

Trump: We don’t trust China with your data
Trump: ...maybe Microsoft?...

by One Day At A Time 1 days ago

Trump: We’re gonna ban TikTok.

Charlie D’Amelio:

by x\in\mathbb{R} 1 days ago

Don't let Microsoft buy TikTok. They'll leave a back door open for the CCP to operate in.

by Numbzinger 1 days ago

Legit did it not just say microsoft would take over tiktok i n the US NOOOOOOOOO microsofts gonna make us pay just to login everyday :( and I swear to God if someone calls me a kid ONE MORE BLOODY TIME I'm gonna beat you)

by Dylan Baldwin 1 days ago


by BEN TRUTH 22 hours ago

Who is really happy 😂😂??
Dixie,Charlie damelio lovers?

by Supriyamusic 23 hours ago

Twitter? FB too???? PLEASE

by John YDG 1 days ago

All because of the success one grandmother and several thousand teens/twenties had!!!! Respect to the effort for the Oklahoma rally!!!!!!!!!!

by Cheryl and Tim Widener 1 days ago

Funny how this became an issue after they got played over the rally.

by Art Edmonson 1 days ago

Where we go to see nurses do their silly dances... when they get bored sitting around in empty hospitals all day?

by Colon Pal 23 hours ago

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