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Thousands march in Berlin against coronavirus measures

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Thousands of protesters rallied in Berlin on Saturday against the latest coronavirus measures imposed by the German government.

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Reuters photo 1 Thousands march in Berlin against... Reuters photo 2 Thousands march in Berlin against... Reuters photo 3 Thousands march in Berlin against... Reuters photo 4 Thousands march in Berlin against...

Where is your drone footage
' journalist ' ?

by Tekno Tony 1 month ago

Beautiful they are woke they know this is all bull!!

by meli , 1 month ago

Google is removing comments

by John Smith 1 month ago

At least something good on the news

by Zan Smit 1 month ago

I was there, and it was massive. The whole inner city packed with people demonstrating peacefully. People as far as the eyes could see.
Similar crowds were seen in the unification night, the various love parades in the 90s/early 2000s and during the soccer world cup, each of which were attended by well over a million people (official numbers). For this demonstration, they estimated 17000 - 20000 people, an obvious lie. The footage speaks for itself. It was empowering, the positive energy was palpable.
Berlin grüßt die Welt!!!

by Vanessa S 1 month ago

All my comments are being removed. Reuters or YouTube!

by urartianmazon va 1 month ago

MSM inflates Covid death tolls and downsizes protests. They are losing their minds and hearts.

by Halber Durchblick 1 month ago

Respect to all the woke people in the west. Proud of you all for reading the scientific literature on masks and having the courage to draw the opposite conclusion.

by Mohammad Maruf Mamun 1 month ago

I mean, the pandemic is purely political. Its obviously designed to make Trump seem like a bad president.

by Bryant Adam 1 month ago

1.3 million people we had been! It was full of LOVE!

by Clark Kent 1 month ago

I don’t care what the world had to say about Germans , Germans have balls

by Ayoub Numidia 1 month ago

Thank you germany peoples for supporting the agenda “acceleration” the pandemic.

by Jedhiraf 27 1 month ago

Thousands lol I guess thats one way to count over a million maybe they meant a thousand groups of at least a 1000 people.

by E Merc 1 month ago

Overnight, every journalist became a fraudster, with no intent. Chinatown.

by Ver 1 month ago

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