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Storm Isaias lashes the Bahamas as it bears down on Florida

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Isaias strengthened slightly as it lashed the Bahamas on Saturday, bearing down on Florida, and was expected to approach the southeast of the state later in the day before traveling up the eastern U.S. seaboard..
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Reuters photo 1 Storm Isaias lashes the Bahamas... Reuters photo 2 Storm Isaias lashes the Bahamas... Reuters photo 3 Storm Isaias lashes the Bahamas... Reuters photo 4 Storm Isaias lashes the Bahamas...

Her voice sounds like CHILLS a little bit, I cant listen !

by Justice Now 3 months ago

Bruh it’s literally nothing going on in Florida, they just want you to panic buy everything. Crazy Desantis calls for a state of emergency for this and not coronavirus.

by Edward Castillo 3 months ago

Be afraid! Panic! Woe be unto you, says your benevolent government! Consume consume consume like good little meat-puppets!

by Mark Chevalier 3 months ago

The radar images above are BOGUS. See the real radar at the NWS or Weather Channel website.

by Seriously 3 months ago

Omg,lets panic over a rain storm,not

by Jeff Dunnell 3 months ago

The storm hates Floridians for not wearing masks. And for going to beaches during a pandemic. The winds are MAD

by Trainer Red 3 months ago

The problem is desantis is an incompetent science deniers and I don’t trust a word he says. So it makes this storm and season that much worse...😒

by Jonny See 3 months ago

Who want to fly to vegas and hang out asap ladies nice & hot

by T Wag 3 months ago

E sIgh E us
No wonder English is confusing to learn.

by Knowledge Is Key 3 months ago

The next named hurricane is Josephine - where will it make landfall

by Douglas Barton 3 months ago

I live in Miami, this is barely a storm, just a little wind and rain. The only damage I have is my empty garbage can got knocked over lol.

by TheGentleman 3 months ago

This Hispanic name for a hurricane has to go..

by justbreath2018 3 months ago

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