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NY's Trump probe over more than just 'hush-money'

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The Manhattan district attorney's probe involving U.S. President Donald Trump is not limited to so-called hush-money payments made to two women in 2016 by his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, according to a court filing on Monday..
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Reuters photo 1 NY's Trump probe over more... Reuters photo 2 NY's Trump probe over more... Reuters photo 3 NY's Trump probe over more... Reuters photo 4 NY's Trump probe over more...

reminder, this district attorney went after a small family own bank after the financial crisis while giving all the big banks who actually cause the crisis a slap on the wrist

by ran196 1 month ago

Here's what we need. Every member of congress, D or R, check their spouses or childs bogus consulting company or the charity fund where they syphon most of it off with expenses.

by Itsme Forsure 1 month ago

He'll be in court in February saying person, woman, man, camera, TV.....

by E.B. G 1 month ago


by Pixel Tits 1 month ago

Ya kno Reuters, I really don't appreciate all those close ups!

by Erika D 1 month ago

Hopefully, finally...this fraud and con artist will be seen for what he is??

by YJ W 1 month ago

Trump is a life long criminal. He had to know becoming president of the US would expose his illegal activity to intense scrutiny. He probably was just so used to getting away with things that he figured he could cope. He has sure made a ton of money from it and so far, he seems to be getting away with it. Hopefully, he will have some consequence eventually. This is a positive step in that direction.

by Blindefender 1 month ago

And, the Trump Supporters will love him, anyway!

by Super Man 1 month ago

Is this the story they're using to distract from the new George Floyd released footage?

by wowzer 1 month ago

When tRump is not pissing on the Constitution..trying to use it to protect himself...and still got it wrong! LOL!

by Heartstung 1 month ago

Somehow, this man became a U.S President. Dumbfounding.

by Vicki Ross Tudor 1 month ago

Everyone’s tax and records should be public especially big people in the country

by AmazingTSDO 1 month ago

"POSSIBLY"? lol "Could Be"? wow'!. lol ya really got him now '!!! Bwahaaa'!!.

by Bike Builder 1 month ago

Trump is doing everything to block the release of his tax records. It is very suspicious why. Obviously he has a long list of criminal records to hide.

by Perfect Students 1 month ago

You can become part of the solution or remain part of the problem and get what is coming to you.

by Michael Greer 1 month ago

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