massive explosion devastates beirut seaport

reuters photo 1 massive explosion devastates beirut seaport reuters photo 2 massive explosion devastates beirut seaport reuters photo 3 massive explosion devastates beirut seaport reuters photo 4 massive explosion devastates beirut seaport

2020 is the year i'd like to forget. Awful for all the poor victims.

by XxNinjaBlkPnkxX 1 month ago

2020 is something else right now

by TanaToIcy 1 month ago

That is a massive explosion! Wow! That shockwave was devastating! Like something out of a movie. 0_0

Stay tough, Beruit. We'll find out what happened, and if someone is responsible, know that they will pay for this. I hope there weren't many deaths. Much love to Lebanon from The U.S.A. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

by thedrew4you 1 month ago

"Unless those days would be shortened, no flesh would survive"- the year 2020 is like “hey everybody im a damn prelude to the apocalypse. You’ve seen nothing yet”

by Tristan Anderson 1 month ago

2020 we gonna set new goals? (2020 be like RIOTS,MASSIVE EXPLOSION,VIRUS,STOCK MARKET CRASH,And lockdown dang dog

by CACTUS_XD 1 month ago

That Was the Size of a Small Nuke 6 miles away and still a Blast wave

by josh otis 1 month ago

this is terrible and all but damn that cloud was cool

:edit every time i get a karen in my reply i say lol


by Jacob Helton 1 month ago

Prayers for all victims.
May our blessed mother the Virgin of Guadalupe assist you during this sad times.
Love from Mexico.

by Ch buCDMX 1 month ago

Another MOSSAD operation 🤦‍♂️

by K B 1 month ago

Darn. Looks like several tonnes of explosives were blown up.

by Ray Vorontsoff 1 month ago

Dude in neon shorts 😭

by H Eck 1 month ago

Prayers to all in Lebanon. You are the most resilient people I’ve ever seen.

by Has Good 1 month ago

“Play the 🎸
Play it again My Johnny👨
Maybe you’re cold, but you’re so warm inside...”

by Jussainwuturthinkn 1 month ago

Someone must have told the NLP or the FPM were Hizballah's stash was.

by Camel Tanker 1 month ago

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