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Massive explosion devastates Beirut seaport

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The center of Lebanon's capital has been hit by an explosion and shockwave that has left the city in chaos. The cause is not immediately clear, but the health minister says there is a "very high number" of injuries..
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Reuters photo 1 Massive explosion devastates Beirut seaport Reuters photo 2 Massive explosion devastates Beirut seaport Reuters photo 3 Massive explosion devastates Beirut seaport Reuters photo 4 Massive explosion devastates Beirut seaport

If this was in America they would start looting. Do they have any BLM activist in Lebanon?

by The Sober King 1 month ago

Storing massive high explosives in a crowded area of the city is very dumb. 🤔

by n l 1 month ago

Fireworks cause mushroom clouds, sure. 🙏🏾

by Good N' Plenty 1 month ago

I saw a different video from higher up and before it went off it looked like a ammo dump had been hit and small rounds had started cooking off then the whole thing went off!!!

by lambastepirate 1 month ago

Pay attention to the flashes. Two explosions in rapid succession. I wonder if this was like what happened in Texas City where a cargo ship was carrying ammonium nitrate in a hold that previously contained diesel fuel. Tremendous explosion that broke windows 40 miles away.

by Cosmo Genesis 1 month ago

Hezbollah was making "firecrackers "

by nash11 1 month ago

I not getting well wat is happening in this city

by The Gëñïüs 1 month ago

They are running this film BACKWARDS!



by 375GTB 1 month ago

At first it looks like a nuke it gives me a call of duty vibe

by ugly rat_gaming 1 month ago

Beautiful orange smoke was nitrates burning, it was a ammonium nitrate explosion. This is similar to what happened in Texas City, Texas in 1947.

by nomebear 1 month ago

I have a feeling this is related to religion of peace.

by Flav C 1 month ago

Some evil country is not gonna get the munitions they ordered.

by thumperjdm 1 month ago

George Soros has been a very busy narcissist this year instigating chaos....mayhem and even body counts....just because he can.

by P. Hamilton 1 month ago

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