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Lebanon's PM says those responsible for Beirut explosion will pay the price

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Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab is demanding accountability for an explosion in port warehouses near central Beirut that killed 78 people, injured nearly 4,000 and sent shockwaves that shattered windows, smashed masonry and shook the ground across the Lebanese capital.
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Reuters photo 1 Lebanon's PM says those responsible... Reuters photo 2 Lebanon's PM says those responsible... Reuters photo 3 Lebanon's PM says those responsible... Reuters photo 4 Lebanon's PM says those responsible...

Terrible. I would never wish this on people. I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to yall

by Peyton Morris 1 month ago

You’ve been storing highly explosive materials in the port of the capital city for 6 years, and you wonder who is responsible?

by lch jr 1 month ago

“Those who are responsible will be punished “- the man responsible and knew those highly explosive/dangerous “containers”.

by Elon H 1 month ago

"Facts will be revealed about this dangerous warehouse that has been there since 2014 "
Right. And for 6 years nothing was done about it?? Looks like this was anticipated.
My condolences to the victims and families 🙏

by Serenity 1 month ago

All my condolences for the victims, and pray for Lebanon 🇧🇳🇮🇩🇲🇾❤🇱🇧

by ahmad shafrudin 1 month ago

So, the PM of Lebanon is going to hold himself accountable?

by James R 1 month ago

Praying for all of you, this is so horrible.

by paula giordano 1 month ago

Coming from a career in industry, this easily could have just been bad practices and lack of safety protection layers and not terrorism

by Robert Vigil 1 month ago

Don't you just love how political leaders are never responsible for anything, they just sit back and blame everybody else even though they're the ones in charge.

by Mark Kulyas 1 month ago

When the government realizes they are the ones responsible:

by A M 1 month ago

You’d think people would learn proper handling of dangerous substances after the Tianjin explosion in China

by The Gr8 1 month ago

It's stunning how the cloud looks like it just appears out of nowhere.

by Chesscom Support 1 month ago

I bet this made COVID really airborne now.

by Billy Rowe 1 month ago

Wow! 2700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate, just dumped in a hot warehouse, in the Middle East, and left to bake in the sun for years. Yep! No way anything bad was gonna happen there.

by Andrew Taylor 1 month ago

Why would explosives be stored so close to residential buildings !!!! ??? Static electricity has been known to ignite explosives ... it doesn't take much .

by Trevor G Welch 1 month ago

lol he is responsible. so he will have to "pay the price"

by Rammie L. 1 month ago

And just like that ladies and gentlemen August of 2020 has officially arrived.

by kelly Nguyen 1 month ago

someone took advantage of the thing that was stored in a warehouse for 6 years

by Krishia Lynn Rama 1 month ago

So he’s saying he’s going to pay a price for this?

by J RP 1 month ago

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