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Inequality is undermining S. Africa's COVID response

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South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa tried to buy the country's healthcare system time with one of the world's strictest lockdowns in March. But restrictions have since been lifted and now the country is suffering - and its hospitals cannot cope..
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Reuters photo 1 Inequality is undermining S. Africa's... Reuters photo 2 Inequality is undermining S. Africa's... Reuters photo 3 Inequality is undermining S. Africa's... Reuters photo 4 Inequality is undermining S. Africa's...

The communist agenda never stops.

by Hans 1 day ago

Rather ask where is the BILLIONS given to South Africa to help its people!!

by Ayla S 1 day ago

“One day a maid will cough into masters and his families meal !”

by Charles Canzater 1 day ago

The Constitution of South Africa guarantees healthcare.
So what’s the problem?? Reality?
Any system that is overwhelmed will collapse. Reality. It sucks because reality is undeniable.

by Apple Tree 1 day ago

WHEN is the media going to report the virus, on the whole, of those in winter? So we can guess what to expect when winter hits the northern hemisphere? (TOO interested in skin color, & stirring hatred, for ratings.)

by Lisa Broody 1 day ago

What happened to the miracle juice from Madagascar

by EDER CARDOZA 1 day ago

South Africa has the bad type of inequality, where all the money hands into a select few and the rest just have breads and crumbs and inequality is natural given with capitalism but their is good inequality and bad inequality. The good one is where you are bottom but given the opportunity to raise up to a higher standard which gives u a higher standard of living and that is with an example of Norway where the top 10% only make 23% of the counties wealth and the bottom 10% make about 7-10% I suppose which is good and doesn’t cause chaos. Full equality wouldn’t work sorry to say, it’s like saying “what’s the point of becoming a boss if he earns the same amount of me” it would not give the desire to move up with better living standards and would result in low productivity

by Juan Ramirez 1 day ago

Well, black people run South Africa and have for a while so I don't know what you mean by "inequality". I would have thought you meant between the classes but you only mentioned poor people once.

by Cannabis Calm 1 day ago

The creatures that run this world are pathological lairs.

by Clover grass 1 day ago

More FAKE race baiting from Reuters. Just block them, they are failing.

by Joe Biden is a PEDO 1 day ago

🙄 Suddenly, Reuters found South Africa.

by Charles Hull 1 day ago

Sad. This reminds me that one of BLM's stated goals is separate justice systems for blacks and whites. Marxists refuse to learn from history.

by Papa Wheelie 1 day ago

Oh you mean the forcible land seizures from white farmers for redistribution to blacks by the predominantly black majority run government who have used violence and gun control to disarm the land owners in order to redistribute the land they stole?

by Incog Neeto 23 hours ago

Cultural issues. To hear black Americans talk they’re one people one voice. 🤣 Chicago has “cultural issues” too.

by donrainesoh 1 day ago

This is a class issue.

You look at a rich white man who can afford better healthcare than a poorer black man and call it “racism.”

It’s not inequality if it was afforded by someone’s own wealth.

by Tristan 1 day ago

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