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Hong Kong’s Lam says security law 'won't undermine autonomy'

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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam told a United Nations human rights forum that China's national security legislation for Hong Kong would fill a ‘gaping hole’ and would not undermine its autonomy..
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Reuters photo 1 Hong Kong’s Lam says security... Reuters photo 2 Hong Kong’s Lam says security... Reuters photo 3 Hong Kong’s Lam says security... Reuters photo 4 Hong Kong’s Lam says security...

as the much bigger china flag is displayed in the back

by bioches 2 months ago

Wow, such a warm and wonderful spirit she has /s

by Ryan Wall 2 months ago

China wants to sweep democracy from underneath our feet in this vulnerable state. Well all need to fight back.

by elem- sike 2 months ago

Right just like covid-19 cover up cover up
Why is she even speaking in the UN

by DaViiloW805 2 months ago

She's lying to you

by Dee Fee 2 months ago

When a "leader" says something as BS like that, they shouldn't be in power for long. Sadly, leaders who hate their people and are controlled by somebody else stay in power for a long time. Just like how Anti-Americans are currently controlling the country. No Democrats. No Republicans. Sad! Hong Kong has surrendered to China. This is a big mistake and America does not stand with you or your people. Just like how America does not stand with Venezuela.

by Blake 2 months ago

Soon, Cantonese would be banned permanently in Hong Kong, and people will be forced to learn and speak Mandarin. R.I.P Hong Kong, you will be missed but not forgotten.

by 十四漆黒忍者 2 months ago

She is so goddamn corrupt...

by Aaron 2 months ago

I've never seen more slime in one speech in my life

by Obtin Zandian 2 months ago

Madam the things he called desecration I called Simple protest.

by Josh 2 months ago

Welp guess Honk Kong is finished then. Didn't even have to wait 50 years. Western businesses should bail like they did in the 90s after the hand over as it's clear the country has no intention of maintaining the two systems.

by Mister Wiseguy 2 months ago

The dislikes says it all.

by Brikrat 2 months ago

Hong Kong's enemy should fear the security law!

by Leandro Hank 2 months ago

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