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California sees record jump in COVID-19 cases

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California and Texas both marked record spikes in new COVID-19 infections on Monday, a Reuters tally showed, as Los Angeles reported an "alarming" one-day surge that put it over 100,000 cases.
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We know what “30 days” means: at least 3 months. We know. We’ve been on this carousel ride before.

by brightpage1020 1 weeks ago

No mention of deaths just positive cases? So still a 99.5% survival rate

by Hyperskreem 82 1 weeks ago

I see a record jump in the same ol news clips🙄

by Jerome Paul 1 weeks ago

Instead of talking about masks how about y'all do a segment on the reliability, of lack thereof, of the PCR tests.

by baetaeF8 1 weeks ago

I love how the entire time they talk about it they show hospital people fully gowned when in reality people sitting at home on their couch feeling fine is more realistic.

by Ouroboros 1 weeks ago

Covid failed, riots failing, covid again. NYT had the audacity to publish an article stating, "Under an economic study, BLM "protests😒" are NOT increasing COVID infections." It doesn't appear the truth is in use anymore.

by Hellwalker 1974 1 weeks ago

The daily death rates are going DOWN!!!!! Don’t let the media fool you ppl

by Levi Mast 1 weeks ago

So as a European i cant come to the us this summer ? Great

by Aurelien Laussac 1 weeks ago

Of course the numbers are going up, they doing more testing. Less people dying and less people in hospital. These reporters are sick. More hysteria to hurt the economy (President Trump ).

by Frankfuerter 1 weeks ago

Record unemployment but Stocks skyrocketing to V shape recovery 🤔🤣😂

by Grim Reaper 1 weeks ago

Looks like the second wave of covid is the first wave of seasonal flu and pneumonia numbers that weren't reported on.


Not closing down the beaches and mass transit you might as well leave the restaurants and bars open

by snoop alert 1 weeks ago

Did ya see where CBS said the Virus wasn't effected by Protesters , only from Buisness's opening up !

by Eric Phelps 1 weeks ago

Infection rates up....but what is the mortality rate? Can we please get some real reporting instead of generalities.

by Al B 1 weeks ago

Scare tactics for weakminded sheep.

by Lew Sifer 1 weeks ago

Golly, wonder how that happened...

by Grimlock007 1 weeks ago

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