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Anger in China over Microsoft and TikTok talks

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A potential shotgun wedding to Microsoft Corp for TikTok's U.S. operations provoked an outcry on Chinese social media as well as criticism from a prominent Chinese investor in TikTok owner ByteDance.
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Reuters photo 1 Anger in China over Microsoft... Reuters photo 2 Anger in China over Microsoft... Reuters photo 3 Anger in China over Microsoft... Reuters photo 4 Anger in China over Microsoft...

China doesn’t allow us apps but gets mad when we get rid of there’s lol we’re on to them

by beachbum Lifestyle 1 month ago

India already banned Tiktok. I'm sure Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc... Tiktok is spyware.

by Joe Chan 1 month ago

Everyone should delete Tik Tok now China needs to go.

by extreme Lube 1 month ago

there are a lot of WUMAO comments here..this must be a touchy subject for the corrupt communist party so you know the smart thing to do is delete tik tok...NEVER EVER BUY CHINESE PRODUCTS.

by electro1622 1 month ago

The Tik Tok app will steal your bank and credit information delete it now before it's too late.

by extreme Lube 1 month ago

I support America! China has banned all US social media apps.

by Hang Time 1 month ago

OH REALLY? Well theres anger in the world for the COVID Pandemic. Theres anger in India for attacking their soldiers, anger in Vietnam and the Philippines over ramming fishing boats, anger in Taiwan and Japan for threats. Anger in the XinJiang and Tibet and Hong Kong over brutal oppression...Need I go on?

by M B 1 month ago

One of the sticking points was that Microsoft would not ever serve dog meat for lunch in the company cafeteria.

by Elmer T Fuddrucker 1 month ago

Why would Microsoft waste money on an ap everyone too scared to download

by gvi341984 1 month ago

Big tech selling America out!!! As always!!!

by Boo Garcia 1 month ago

Microsoft: "Wait..Tik Tok spies on its users and steals bank account and credit card info!? HELL YEAH WE'LL BUY IT!!"

by Cosmo Genesis 1 month ago

LOL the comments are funny. I love how Chinese posters are defending China and US posters are defending America. As a guy that's lived in both countries, and work in, and is still doing business in both countries.. you're both just so narrow in your point of views its silly.Both governments sanction and control the flow of information from both countries. But China does it in a more heavy handed way.

by David Butt 1 month ago

China should ban Microsoft from China , as software has back door spyware

by Donkey Kong 1 month ago

Can’t compete banned them😩

by Monochroma 1 month ago

Translation: Microsoft call Trump to put heat on TikTok in order to buy TikTok on the cheap. If I was TikTok, I would just leave US market, screw them

by Donkey Kong 1 month ago

LOL wow tRump really sounds like a wanna be mob boss now.

by Dsa Phill 1 month ago

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