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The Ultimate Stock Trading Course (for Beginners)

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Discover the secrets of stock trading and how you can be a profitable stock trader — even if you have zero trading experience.
Here’s what you’ll discover…
** What is stock trading and how does it work
** Why not all stocks are created equal, here’s what you must know…
** How to profit from stock trading
** The different types of stock market orders and how to use them correctly
** How to analyze a stock using Fundamental Analysis (which metrics to pay attention to and why)
** Technical Analysis in stock trading: How to identify high probability trading opportunities
** A stock trading formula that works
** How to calculate your optimal position size so you don’t blow up your account
** And much more…
Now, a word of warning…
This training is over 97 minutes long without any hype or fluff.
So remove all distractions, sit comfortably, and be prepared to take some notes.
The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading: https://www.tradingwithrayner.com/ultimate-guide-price-action-trading/
The Monster Guide to Candlestick Patterns: https://www.tradingwithrayner.com/candlestick-pdf-guide/
Pro Traders Edge: https://www.tradingwithrayner.com/pte/
Pullback Stock Trading System: https://pullbackstocktradingsystem.com/
Price Action Trading Secrets: https://priceactiontradingsecrets.com/

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I made a mistake at the mark of the video. It should be 1% and not 10%.

by Rayner Teo 1 year ago

People pay thousands just to get this information, and you're giving it out for free. You're awesome.

by Galdarien Loyalar 2 months ago

take notes on this video. watch more. take more notes. read. repeat that as much as you can, learn as much as you can. work hard, and stay focused and you'll be successful in the stock market. or anything else. if you want something bad enough you'll get it. I wish the best to everyone!

by 846nick 2 months ago

I don't skip ads so that Mr. Teo can earn some income

by CAI EN GOI 2 months ago

this man is "skip the bullshit lets go straight to facts" I love that, great video bro

by Krister Flores 2 months ago

Just started learning about stocks.. This is by far the best I've seen. Others are too focused on bragging how good they are, how much they earn without really being informative. Glad I saw this and subscribed right away. :)

by Patrick Kenneth V. Go 4 months ago

finally someone that can actually teach you something instead of trying to get views and subscribers.

by sy knoxville 4 months ago

This man is still giving hearts in the commentsa year later.
Dedication 👏👏👏

by Theo Brown 1 month ago

Watched this video 3x
1 to get everything in my head
2 to go over and get it stuck in my head
3 fully understand what everything means

by Mason St 2 months ago

Here because of GameStonk

by Nick 2 months ago

Why couldn't I have had this guy as my finance professor back in college?

by ZeroPoint 4 months ago

Hey Rayner, noticed that you mentioned "if you know this you can skip this part" and there are no timestamps so please find the timestamps of the different sections below.
I know that I'm late with this but only found your channel a week ago :D

Feel free to add them to the video description which might be helpful for people watching it in the future

What is a stock, types of stocks, why and how to trade
How to profit from a stock
How to calculate your returns
Common trading terminologies (Long/short, Bid & ask, Spread)
The different types of orders (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop loss)
How to analyze a stock
Technical analysis
The T.A.E Framework
Risk Management
Piecing everything together (Example trade)
Trading methods
Stock trading tips

by Eur08000 2 months ago

He is the only guy who provides honest and real value for trading.
God bless and you deserve all the green Rayner.

by Kashyap Soni 2 months ago

You’re giving back a lot to this world. Thank you

by Nishchay Sheth 1 month ago

I’m 1 year late but definitely following ... after 6minutes watching already loving the lesson !! Thank you 🙏

by SACGIRE SACG 2 months ago

Mate please dont stop making these, i've learnt so much - you're a KING !!!!

by My Boat Care 4 months ago

“ you don’t buy 1 orange for 10 dollars [•••] during a sale you buy 3 oranges for 2 dollars”

Fuckin facts boss. Best begginer video on YouTube rn thanks for the time/thought that went into this! Earned my sub

by Mike Hillenbrand 2 months ago

Watched ad as a way to thank Rayner for his knowledge

by Ashley Duarte 2 months ago

almost 1.5 years later. this is incredible thank you sir

by timothy smith 2 months ago

You're giving this course to everyone for FREE. Respect. Keep up the GOAT work man!

by Qauzzie 1 month ago

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