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Rants & Co. discuss Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United | The Ole Out Show

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Rants N Bants photo 1 Rants & Co. discuss Istanbul... Rants N Bants photo 2 Rants & Co. discuss Istanbul... Rants N Bants photo 3 Rants & Co. discuss Istanbul... Rants N Bants photo 4 Rants & Co. discuss Istanbul...

This was brilliant. Statmanbains and Adam actually fought with rants and didn’t agree with everything he said. Proper debate football show this!!!!

by Good James 5 months ago

dream team right here class show. Ole out!

by Carlo 215 5 months ago

Statmanbains on every match reaction please!!!! His opinions are different to everyone else’s creates debates. You lot all ganged up on him and he held his own 👏

by Lazar Lazar 5 months ago

need to have statmanbains on every post match reaction!! he held his own against all 3 of them. great debate

by Haaris Yasin 5 months ago

I know it's your job guys, but I'm taking a break from United now, this club is bad for my health.

by Saptarshi Banerjee 5 months ago

Try to keep this group together for a weekly show. Great work as always! My guy Adam looks disgusted! 😂

by Jason Wells 5 months ago

The shock when statman said hes only 17😂😂

by M 5 months ago

“I’m older than the team” - statmanbains 2020 😂

by Power Equinox 5 months ago

When mourinho was trying to instill a winning mentality in the team along with discipline some united fans said he was bullying the young players . Mourinho said that at the age of 23 frank Lampard was already a man. When ole was hired everyone was happy because the players were smiling now look at us smile and happiness fc

by Jonathan Amponsah 5 months ago

The shocking fact, is the people running the man united, couldn’t tell what every other premier league club didn’t already know, that ole is not good enough for any premier league team as a coach & nowhere near the standards of Manchester United. Get a poch or nagelsmann in already and salvage the season.

by odedra01 5 months ago


by Nahom Firew 5 months ago

To some people Rants may sound extreme, but everything he says about Ole is 100% true

by Brian Sukhu 5 months ago

The more you realize it Rants was right about Bruno and Ole for a long time. He is over protecting Pogba a lot of the times, but was right about the importance of players like Fred, Tony, and VDB. The high ceiling of Greenwood, the overhyping of Rashford, the overprasing of Bruno, and yhe talent of Angel Gomes and Dalot. People just think he is bitter, but the guys opinion actually comes to light a lot.

by Scoopherup23. 5 months ago

Honestly did ManU really think that Ole was the man...

by Jahzi Ider 5 months ago

Saeed had enough quick zzzz 😂😂

by AGS346 5 months ago

rants voice crack has me dead

by It’s RV 5 months ago

dream team right here class show. Ole out! aye

by PixelStacker 5 months ago

I just found this channel! It’s everyone off TUS I wondered why they weren’t on there anymore!

by Richard Goldie 5 months ago

Big up rants and the boyzz on the show. Poch has to come in and see what he can do. I do feel for ole and give him so much respect but it's time now.

by THE UNITED WAY 5 months ago

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