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PlayStation 5 Preview - All PS5 Features Explained

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00:02:08 - THE CONSOLE
00:11:13 - THE SSD
00:24:13 - THE GRAPHICS
00:30:07 - THE CPU
00:32:56 - 3D AUDIO
Join me as I dive deep into the features and benefits of the PlayStation 5. From ray tracing to the SSD to backwards compatibility, I look at everything we currently know about the hardware behind Sony's next console. I even look at the Dual Sense controller. I've researched all the PS5 news and information so sit back and enjoy the video.
#PlayStation5 #PS5 #PlayStation
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Free storage: 65.2 gigabytes

by Cade Smith 2 months ago

The media remote will be really convenient. I can't tell you how many times I've bumped my controller and skipped to the end of a movie.

by Pickle Rick 3 months ago

Anybody got this thing for wanting to buy discs instead of downloads? I like to see a whole stack of cases.

by eclinvo 2 months ago

Im gonna wait 2 yr or so before buying, i still have games for my ps4 i havent finished. Not in a rush, just gonna wait till its stable, more afforable, and more games

by Dobby Jai 2 months ago

For those don’t wanna stay the whole 40 mins I watched the whole vid and this is what it can do:

-Can play other PlayStation games on ps5 (ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4)

-If you use a last gen game/old without update on a ps5 it will let you play with the new update/new gen but some games have conditions on it like buying the game before the ps5 is released

- ps5 has exclusive games only for the ps5 at least for now (Xbox isn’t doing the same)

- ps5 will not load as much and is insanely quicker (because of the new SSD)

-Worlds seem much bigger (new SSD allows the data to stream rather than load so it seems much larger but it’s really just transferring data that quick)

-Games are much quicker now (kinda like the same thing as above pretty much the SSD allows the game to be much better)

-You can delete parts of the game to create more storage rather than the whole game

-Sony will eventually release other SSD to help expand storage (if you wanna buy to create more storage if it isn’t enough)

- 1 ps5 teraflop is much more than 1 ps4 teraflop and also has more (only by 2 though)

- Lights will start becoming more realistic (in game lights will move like in irl it will be much more realistic)

- much better graphics (as expected)

- Ps5 will have 3d audio (it’ll feel like your actually in the game)

- Will have 5 options to choose for audio in case your ears might not go well with their default option (possibly more in the future)

- Controller has haptic feedback

-trigger button has resistance (ex. If shooting an arrow you get more resistance the harder you pull which makes it more realistic so shooting a sniper will feel different from shooting a AR)

- Can even speak to friends just by using controller (better to speak to friends using a mic though I believe)

- “will feel smaller than it really looks” (literally what the Sony said about their new controller)

- There is a new Sony remote (not to be mixed up with the new controller and most likely will come with ps5)

-The light up feature is not on the new controller (did not state but it’s just an obvious thing that I believe some people didn’t like)

I believe that’s it I might’ve missed some but if I did leave a comment below so the rest knows

by Anime Is dope 1 month ago

They are testing the sale of digital only console. They don't want the resale of games anymore. If rather own a physical copy of a game that I can lend out, give away, resale,or smash into a million pieces if I wanted to. Not to mention game stop will be shut down and all other stores like them. I'm just a firm believer of physically owning games. I could be wrong but I guess It's just the old school in me.

by Drew High 1 month ago

Let us hope the PlayStation 5 doesn't sound like an airplane after 4 years of usage

by Dayum 2 months ago

This video really cleared a lot of technical computer’y stuff I was aware but never understood the purpose of. This video was professionally done!

I’m so excited now.

by itz2op 3 months ago

Can’t wait to flex on my moms side of the family

by Armaan Mukadam 2 months ago

It’s nice that it’s backwards compatible. I didn’t have a PS4, so I want to catch up on a few exclusives that I missed.

by EpicGamerJake 3 months ago

I will never be able to read the tips on the loading screens anymore damn

by SemenDemon 2 months ago

Ghost of tsushima has some amazingly fast load times for an open world . Sucker punch clearly has some real skilled devs.

by Mark davis 2 months ago

I don’t know why I was so astonished at the fact that the PS5 digital edition didn’t have an eject button... I feel stupid

by Console 3 months ago

I would’ve been content with a fully backwards compatible console (including the entire PS library from all generations) running at 1080p at 60 FPS with unlimited free online cross play. That, my friends, would truly be next gen.

by J. G. 1 month ago

From my experience with the ps4, I will wait until the 2nd or 3rd year after they release an upgrade to the ps5 and the good games start coming out.

Ps4 just started getting killer games.

by cruciferousvegetable 2 months ago

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