Marvel's Avengers Gameplay – The Ultimate Preview

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Welcome to my ultimate preview for Marvel's Avengers gameplay. I look at everything from Marvel's Avengers online gameplay to the story to the Avengers themselves. From combat, to co-op to single player, I cover it all..
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by Quest Mode 5 months ago

The world could use real life Avengers right about now

by Tilly_Beamen 5 months ago

Man, you've done more to hype me up for this game in minutes than Crystal Dynamics has done in months.

by Erion 5 months ago

Their objective of being able to play the game without going online really shows the avengers in them

by Killjoy0329 5 months ago

This guy never fails to get me hyped for a game

by L Treasure 5 months ago

Just wanted to leave a comment of appreciation for how much effort goes into your videos, keep it up!

by Kyuhl 5 months ago

My biggest concern about this game is that they will homogenize the open world content, such that playing as Hulk or playing as Black Widow will end up being functionally identical, with the same enemies taking the same time to kill, just using cosmetically different actions to do so. I want the characters to be as diverse as they should be, such that if Black Widow can beat up an enemy in a few seconds, then Hulk can swat a dozen of them away in a single second, while if an enemy poses a threat to Hulk, then there's little Black Widow can do but run, and the balancing factor is that there will be specific tasks around the map that each character is good for, and if you're playing those characters you need to ignore the other threats and let the rest of the team handle it while you focus on your own tasks. Ideally you would be able to swap between characters as needed to handle differing threats.

by Tim Ogul 5 months ago

I love their decision to make the entire game's content able to be experienced by one player. More games should do this. Even MMOs.

by TheSwamper 5 months ago

You actually see gama rush in the newest trailer it's in the beginning of it

by Iron Ninja Bat 5 months ago

It is indeed the ultimate preview, good amount of info (half of it I didn´t even heard of). Suscribed!

by Adrian Vereda 5 months ago

so basically this is ultimate alliance but improved

by Thelastairbendy 5 months ago

The set up looks okay, but I really don't want to play as Kamala.

by Clinton Leonard 5 months ago

I had zero interest in this game but this looks much better than I thought. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

by dblshotz75 5 months ago

This video was amazing and it made my hype for the game go over the roof i can tell how much effort you put on your videos

by Erick Delgado 5 months ago

You've got a subscription from me, my man.

With the Cyberpunk vid, you made me even more hyped for a game I've been looking forward to more than any other.

But in this video, you did something even more amazing. I always liked the idea of this game, but the marketing and presentations on it never sold it. I didn't know what the game was. Now I do through this video and I'm incredibly hyped. You should work in PR/Marketing 👏🏻

by Ross Leyshon 5 months ago

In the podcast Scot said, “They are three types of missions. Main Avengers Missions, Hero Chain Missions, and Warzone Missions.” The Main Avengers Missions will directly be about the main campaign story missions so when you see the Avengers “A” logo those will be campaign missions. Hero Chain Missions are character story arc missions and he used Black Widow for an example. When you’re in the wartable and you see Black Widow’s symbol those will be her story arc missions that can be based in the past, gaps between the 5 year tone jump, or in the present. He also said that they won’t be in chronological order and also in post launch they will be releasing new Hero Chain Missions for our main core avengers and with every new character that gets released in post launch they will have Hero Chain Missions. Warzone will only be for the multiplayer aspect of the game. When we see the Warzone logo in the wartable then that will let us know those will be specifically multiplayer missions.

by Tristan Turner 5 months ago

I have concerns about this game but this is a terrific preview.

by The Sprawl 5 months ago

The more info i see on this game the more underwhelmed i am. Man i hope this game exceeds my expectations

by Eeanjay 5 months ago

In the PS podcast interview, they mentioned during hero design questions that they are working on Hawkeye

by Critical xMiss 5 months ago

I just want to play Dr. Strange, Wong, and Black Panther. That's all I need to be happy.

by Greg Long 5 months ago

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