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Youtube Rapper Tier List 2020 (KSI, RiceGum, FlightReacts)

#KSI #Part 2 #Drama #2020 #Music
Enjoy this Tier List where i (Quadeca) rank the best Youtube Rappers / Youtuber artists in my opinion! This is Inspired by Ricegum beef / drama with KSI and KSI's response on his JJ Olatunji channel. I also give my opinions other rappers such as Dax, Crypt, FlightReacts, Logan Paul, ImDontai and more that i needed to update from the first tier list video from last year!
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outro song: Isn't She Lovely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRcEb...

#Opinion #Logan Paul #Update #Response #Dax #Crypt #Ricegum #Youtube Rapper #Jake Paul #Quadeca #Tier List #Flightreacts #ImDontai #Youtube Rappers

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man made a whole tier to separate jake paul from the rest

by frosty 1 month ago

Lmao dontai just uploaded “s-tier.”

by ImT0t4llyL4m3 2 weeks ago

“Disregarding that he doesn’t write his own music” I cackled rice is dead 😂

by Potato face Ya 1 month ago

DDG isn’t considered a YouTube rapper anymore he’s on another level 🤷🏾‍♂️🚫🧢

by Lil Juke 1 month ago

If I made this tier list, ricegum wound be on z tier.

by SmiplePlays Mmts 2 weeks ago

I knew he’d do this when ricegum talked about the old tier list

by klampy 1 month ago

Me: Can we have an Eminem?
Mom: We already have Eminem at home
Eminem at home:

by redblueberry 1 month ago

"corny fast rapping" - uses eminem as example lmao wtf .. ksi as s tier.. wtf xD

by Andy Ham 6 days ago

quadeca 2040: i'm back i'm sorry i have been working forever on my album from me to you coming out soon
quadeca 4080: i'm back i'm sorry i have been working forever on my album from me to you coming out soon

imma be dead before the album comes out FFS TELL US THE RELEASE DATE AT LEAST


by yeetus delatus 1 month ago

S-X should have had a tier called The gift separating him from everyone else.

by Tashfeen Atif Manan 1 month ago

JJ is laughing like Scooby doo right now after this

by Z Layuh 1 month ago

The only one I disagree with is Randolph, Randolph is definitely higher

by T&E Pranks 1 month ago

KSI is gonna get so gassed when he sees this

by Raul Sebastian 1 month ago

I think that Tom Macdonald is really good, but I agree that’s his songs like whiteboy and straight white male are not that good, but No Response, that was great.

by Hayden Little 2 weeks ago

DDG wasn't even in this tier no more cause he went up from youtube rappers level..he more like a rapper that vlogs now🔥🔥💯(no disrespect to any youtube rappers im a big fan of JJ myself)

by Jeremy Beihneitha 1 month ago

Ricegum took an L
So did leafy for trying to prove
“ mathematically” that ricegum is the best

by Tux Cat 1 week ago

Man said "IM BACK" then left for another month 🤦🏾‍♂️

by Y2K .YOUNGIN 1 week ago

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