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Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa embarks on the Frontier

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Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa sits down with Tom Power to talk about his latest role in the fur-trade drama, Frontier.
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Hearing him talk about both sides of his heritage seeing him as an outcast is both sad, but also gets me excited for his take on Aquaman. He's half human half Atlantean, but both sides don't trust him enough. Some don't want him as a hero, some don't want him as a king but he takes both responsibilities with a great sense of honor. Jason is going to kill it.

by Kyle Lundy 3 years ago

does his voice just like captivate ya'll?

by Gabbie Roca 3 years ago

Jason is very unique.....handsome with an awesome dramatic potential, in short, an important talent that really has not made his full impact. "Live Long and Prosper"Jason.

by Rodney Morgan Brown 2 years ago

I really liked this interview. The interviewer was asking very good questions.

by strawberriesncandii 2 years ago

OMG that voice

by Laura 3 years ago

he one of the very few actor's i like , most are these very short haired preppy,dorks that probley listen to pop and rap, guy's i would never talk to, jason listens to black sabbath and slayer and othere metal bands so he's cool unlike the others.

by DEATH DEALER 1 year ago

a new show? sounds good I've liked Jason from North Shore and Stargate to GOT and Red Road. I'll check it out for sure!

by Dcypherman plays 3 years ago

Red Road is amazing, after watching that I got insanely exited about Aquaman

by The RED Samurai 3 years ago

he is soo beautiful like i really don't think i could concentrate on what he's saying if i'd sit next to him as an interviewer 🔥😻 those eyes and voice idk actually everything is so breathtaking

by Alisa Schmidt 1 year ago

I just realized that he's wearing a poppy. Good for him!

by Halo4Lyf 2 years ago

Frontier is another example of why Netflix shines with original content. Momoa is perfect for the part of the Declan Harp character.

by Jim Getten 2 years ago

Sexy personified..ahhhhh ❤️👉🏻🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦😍

by Wanda Steeves 3 years ago

He reckons hes a natural born thief would love to know how much stolen property he has at his house. Cmu he's a gem.

by shes sogood 3 years ago

My family is from India i was born in Canada and my parents moved to a small town as well and in school I was the only tan skinned kid in the entire school and when i went to India my uncles would joke about my accent, I know the feeling of not fitting in.

by Muskan Chouhan 2 years ago

He's so intelligent and articulate in this interview, in other interviews he's different, more goofy. Maybe it's because he's Executive Producer of Frontier. A bit of a chameleon. Very interesting.

by Christine Musselman 1 year ago

I have seen this show. I liked him in every episode. He does an amazing job. Waiting for season 4.

by Rebekah Puse 1 year ago

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