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PWR Fall Guys Tournament... ($1000)

PWR photo 1 PWR Fall Guys Tournament... ($1000) PWR photo 2 PWR Fall Guys Tournament... ($1000) PWR photo 3 PWR Fall Guys Tournament... ($1000) PWR photo 4 PWR Fall Guys Tournament... ($1000)

When this gets like faze lvl, we can say we were here from the start

by KBZ Generation 1 month ago

What’s better? Like PWR Comment Faze.

by Evan Privat 1 month ago

I love how there people like “WHOS BEEN A FAN OF POWER FOR OVER A YEAR” even tho PWR started 2 months ago

This is a joke lol (just exposing the scammers)

by Reflext 1 month ago

When PWR is the best clan we can all say we are Og's

by Luke Grimes 1 month ago

PWR should make a minecraft server together. like so they can see

by Jimmy Baharozian 1 month ago

Claim your “Here before the bots” ticket here

by A1_Nelly 1 month ago

Lachy: we about to Moongral classic this guy

Timmy: bro I can’t win a game

Radius: just viben

Mitch: just smiles

Worthy: letsss goo

Then there’s Looter

by Yu Meng Clyde 1 month ago

When Lachlan changes games so he might win for once

by Andrew Grant 1 month ago

everyone: RAGING.

MITCH: no..

by Aj 1 month ago

I love Australians saying tail. I’m American and it’s boring when we say it but Aussies make it better

by FGC_THUNDER 1 month ago

We literally love fall guys looter I love when he’s mad and lachy is so funny

by Verse FN 1 month ago

This is how many people want McCreamy and Mau to join PWR

by MMVII K1LL3RKR0CK 1 month ago

The one video where looter isn’t screaming, “CRACKED CRACKED CRACKED”

by Covert YT 1 month ago

Happy bday to the greatest, the GOAT Lachlan

by Slim Shetty 1 month ago

I can imagine them shouting TAGGED HIM TAGGED HIM in fallguys

by Mr.DragonYT 1 month ago

Fun Fact: As i am typing this comment on August 25th. It is Lachlan’s Birthday So Happy birthday Lachlan

by South Park Is Golden 1 month ago

According to my calculations 20 people can’t be first

by Emey Rid 1 month ago

these guys are like migos, lLachlan is offset, Lachlans brother is quavo and the other dude is takeoff cus no one knows him xD

by justin ung 1 month ago

Everyone in the comments section : Sending virtual hugs to everyone
Me : PWR made a Fall Guys video! AWESOME!

by YSUPH Group 1 month ago

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