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BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers AVERY BRADLEY GONE| 2020 Free Agency | BRADLEY Leaving Lakers

Pros sport photo 1 BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers AVERY... Pros sport photo 2 BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers AVERY... Pros sport photo 3 BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers AVERY... Pros sport photo 4 BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers AVERY...

Yep, he's gone about to join the Heat for 2 year's smh.

by Steph Hollow 2 months ago

Lakers resurrect Bradley's career then this is the way how he return the favor ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by lilpokedamatheofficial 2 months ago

Its going to be an interesting look this coming season. Can't wait!

by John Crawford 1 month ago

We need to get a new pg and centers, but besides that weโ€™re gud

by Loule Endale 2 months ago

This was a sneaky move from both : Miami & Avery

by Peter Waweru 2 months ago

Damn I was hoping he stayed in LA and no more Danny Howard and McGee leaving. Also whatโ€™s going on with rondo

by The A.T.M Family ! 2 months ago

Man that kind of suck I really thought he would stay

by jacobi johnson 2 months ago

Would love the ps5 new subscriber, I doubt he will be back.

by Fragrance Empire 2 months ago

The Lakers should keep Bradley for the next 2 season, heโ€™s a natural three pointers, great defender and very well without the ball creating a lot space for other players...!

by Jose V Sanchez 2 months ago

That was a big key piece we were going to need to win back-to-back but Alex Caruso can fill the hole may not hit many three pointers but we will need his defense

by Paralyzed Gaming517 2 months ago


by City216Boy 2 months ago

I have also liked this video i am already subscribed and i have turned on all notifications also great video ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Clis 2 months ago

click bait๐Ÿ’ฉ

by HK Yau 2 months ago

Hope he stayed with Lakers...but he sign with the heat

by Bhutan A 2 months ago

I fully respect his decision to not play, but you must have some pretty big balls to sit out the playoffs and watch your team completely dominate a 16 and 5 record on the way to winning the championship ...and you decide you want more money after your contribution has been so marginalized.

by JGS 2 months ago

I want him to stay to LA cuz hes good depender and a shooter

by Akihisa -Sama 1 month ago

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