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The brand new Flare Gun in Fortnite is pretty crazy. This kid wanted it a lot, but so did I, and we’re not very good at sharing… Instead, I wasted all the flares as soon as I got my hands on it! His reactions were hilarious, I hope you all enjoy this Fortnite trolling video! For more, be sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
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The content depicted in this video is choreographed. All participants are on board with the repartee being portrayed in the footage - which is fictional and for entertainment purposes.

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ProPepper photo 1 STEALING *NEW* “FLARE GUN” FROM... ProPepper photo 2 STEALING *NEW* “FLARE GUN” FROM... ProPepper photo 3 STEALING *NEW* “FLARE GUN” FROM... ProPepper photo 4 STEALING *NEW* “FLARE GUN” FROM...

I think he re uploaded this

by ProPepper 3 months ago

and all that’s left is a window to my soul

by Roswell Plays 3 months ago

Teacher: calls on me when I don’t know the answer and didn’t raise my hand

by Francisco S. 1 month ago

EVERYBODY STAY CUGELCLUGOL I'm sorry of my spelling

by Jake Rizzuto 3 months ago

Kid: because I’m carrying you
Pro pepper: You have 1 kill
Kid: So

by ProTroller 3 months ago

me when someone blows up my car on gta5 online

by alison fulcher 3 months ago

I don't know why but every kid you troll sounds the exact same thing.

(maybe they're all brothers)

by Cesar Lopez 3 months ago

Kid getting trolled: can you give me the flare gun pls pls
ProPepper: i just said i got it

by Matthew Lacsina 3 months ago

literally what every kid says in random duos

by Acronix 2 months ago

This makes me sad I've watched him forever and then they just take his channel down after all the time in work I couldn't imagine how bad he feels bro it's sad.😭😔

by Cohen Allen 3 months ago

i love how just one word is what set him off

by Puffypoo574 3 months ago

His new vids are cool but the og ones hit different 😰

by kweemy *_* 3 months ago

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