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Diddy & His Mentor Ray Dalio | Inside a Meeting

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Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, asked me to mentor him to help him take his great success to another level. In this video you will see a recent mentor session of ours, and you will see a Diddy that you probably haven’t seen before. We explore the role of radical open mindedness, building an effective team, and the importance of using the 5-step process for success that I've outlined in my books, Principles: Life & Work and Principles for Success. You will also see why I want to help him and why I believe our relationship exemplifies how people with different backgrounds and different perspectives can work together harmoniously for the greater good. The greatest joy I’m having now is helping other people to be successful, particularly helping people who can help a lot of people.
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Principles by Ray Dalio photo 1 Diddy & His Mentor Ray... Principles by Ray Dalio photo 2 Diddy & His Mentor Ray... Principles by Ray Dalio photo 3 Diddy & His Mentor Ray... Principles by Ray Dalio photo 4 Diddy & His Mentor Ray...

The duo we didn't know we needed

by Jack Denmo 10 months ago

There are FEW things more encouraging and inspiring than seeing someone as incredibly successful as Sean Combs completely humble himself and be a student. Asking questions about how to be better at something he’s clearly already great at. Very cool interview, man. There are clowns out there been in the game two minutes and already experts with their little ‘motivational’ IG pages n’whutnot.

by Rob Brown 10 months ago

The greatest weapon a man can wield in this world is clarity of thought .

by Vikram Dileepan 10 months ago

Dailo has that voice sounds like money lol

by Be Still 10 months ago

Excellent content. Thanks for sharing this on YouTube.

by Will Motivation 10 months ago

Whoever did the audio did a stand-up job

by American Boy 10 months ago

Diddy is invested in learning even with the success he's had. That's humbling.

by Awesomenessgear 10 months ago

I can't believe this knowledge is free for the public

by David 9 months ago

"The irony of it was, I never really worked for money. The funny thing is I ended up playing a game that I liked and got good at it and they gave me money for it." — Ray Dalio

by Kay Awo 6 months ago

5 things to success
1. Goals
2. Encounter Problems
3. Root cause / Diagnosis
4. Design it
5. DO IT!

by JD 10 months ago

I like Ray because unlike other gurus. He started giving advice after achieving something.

by slimshadygonew 10 months ago

Diddy has a mentor?? 😯 imagine being close to being a billionaire n still having a mentor. That must take some humility.

by prince m. 10 months ago

The level of humility that Diddy showed in this vid has made me respect him even more. He was there only to learn. Love it

by Ms A 10 months ago

"I'm not admiring you for your success, I am admiring you for who you are as a person." I love that.

by Ronnia Cherry 5 months ago

Everyone needs a mentor. Being a mentee now a days is a must. That relationship is so key.

by Nicolle Pasquel 10 months ago

This is why I love YouTube. Never in time I could have witnessed this mentoring from a great capitalist. Normally would this be only available to a select group of people, like Mr. Combs. And today, I open up my notebook and be part of it, as it was in my own living room. Thank you Mr. Dalio.

by Jaap Jonker 10 months ago

Diddy: help, my team are incompetent.
Dalio: Get the right people.

by Breeze Shine Star 5 months ago

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