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Best Makeup Transformation 2020 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation | Haircut Transformation for Girl

#hair hacks #beauty hacks every girl should know #beauty life hacks #Best Makeup Transformation 2020 #Howto & Style
Best Makeup Transformation 2020 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation | Haircut Transformation for Girl
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Pretty Hair photo 1 Best Makeup Transformation 2020 |... Pretty Hair photo 2 Best Makeup Transformation 2020 |... Pretty Hair photo 3 Best Makeup Transformation 2020 |... Pretty Hair photo 4 Best Makeup Transformation 2020 |...

Who else is bored in quarantine?🙋🏾‍♀️

Hi guys, I'm really enjoying your likes and replies. I was just being a little humorous to try and lift everyone's spirits about this whole pandemic. I'm not saying you have to, because you really don't, but keep the replies coming; they're really letting me know that we're all in this together

by Jessica Caley 4 months ago

Who else wishes they could ask there mom for makeup 🥺🥺

by Eilish Club 1 month ago

who else is scrolling through the comments to see what ppl have to say or bc ur kinda bored

by Olivia LaPlante 4 months ago

Boy: why don't you love me
Girl: I do
Boy: do you look at other boys
Girl: no
Boy: will we get married
Girl: I hope so
Boy: do you hope to break up
Girl: I love you
Boy: what do you tell other boys
Girl: that I have an amazing boyfriend
Boy: what did you want to tell me
Girl: Charles

Now read this backwards

by Gaming_GirlPlaz 2 2 months ago

Is anyone going to talk about the lip on the cover?

by Sophia Willis 4 months ago

"how will we possibly use geometry in our day to day lives?"


by That_moment_when_i 1 month ago

For those of you who came for the crusty lips on the thumbnail, you can leave. It was Clickbait. Smh

by iiSugarSushii 1 month ago

i’M s0 c0NfuSed on h0w ThE firSt PerSoN DiDn’T bliNk F0r a WhilE.

Edit: omfg this comment isn’t good but it has 100 likes wow thanks everyone who liked

by 2_Ez_ next% 4 months ago


by ELEESHIA WATKIN 4 months ago

- A Karen in the making XD

by Aurora 3 months ago

What covid has made me watch kuz I have watched almost every single video in YouTube;-;

by Jesse Lima 4 months ago

One spec of glitter in my eye and I’m done seeing for the day

by Mone’t 2 weeks ago

Okay so no one is gonna talk about the girl who is singing when her voice turned into a demon 😂💀☠️

by tic toc basher 4 months ago

Lemme say something when you have a lot of pimples on your face don't put on makeup it's gonna make it get worse trust me because makeup got chemicals in it and when you put that over pimples thats gonna have your face in a hot mess just use natural stuff on your face but anyways enjoyed the video

by Ex Quinn 2 months ago

.. I used to suffer with acne.. and all those time one thing that I always felt was not right to do was to put makeup on it.. trust me it doesn't work even if you shield your skin with 10 layers of lotions.. 😕.. it kinda makes it worst

by sweety kumari 4 months ago

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