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Edward Norton on Trump's Electoral Fraud Claims

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I think it's shockingly naive to suggest that someone who has reached the level of President faces any real threat of prosecution. There's a reason high-ranking politicians are rarely indicted for a crime, and it isn't because they're all honest joes looking to serve their country. It's because, at one time or another, they have likely been involved in matters which are not public knowledge and which a trial could have the unintended consequence of making public (assuming it wouldn't flat-out require the declassifying of information).

To me, this sort of analysis reveals a much deeper problem in general politics than anything having to do with Trump specifically. Which is that, no matter how much gets revealed about the inner workings of government: the average person someone remains under the illusion that they are not choosing between criminals every time they go to the ballot box.

by Barry Gormley 1 month ago

Why is Edward Norton so ignorant as to openly deny something that should concern every American inside and outside of the United States of America?

by Archangel Metatron 1 month ago

lol brain geniuses everywhere in these comments

by Horizonberg 1 month ago

Yall going to have an aneurysm when Biden pardons dotard. Mark my words. Norton is wrong

by adam sorell 1 month ago

Ok....whatever Eddie!

by Leeman 1 month ago

Military voter over site Same day re vote on paper

by Tripplsixx 999 1 month ago

But there is some legitimate evidence that some fraud might have taken place and I'm concerned that the left doesn't seem to be taking it seriously.

by 22myguy 1 month ago

"The likelihood of Trump ever being prosecuted, let alone facing any actual penalties for the actual crimes that have been alleged against him...". The clue here is in the word "alleged", namely, most of his so called crimes were blatant attempts by his opponents to get him indicted and removed from office. The current silence on the Russiagate controversy (which sits comfortable in the same conspiracy theory category as the idea of voter fraud) and the fact that is wasn't used in this election cycle speaks volumes. And no one is looking into it - I mean imagine the Republicans did the same to a democratic president. Why can't people accept the rule of law? It is as if, when it comes to Trump, the presumption of innocence is instead seen as some kind of sign that Trump is getting away without "penalties". For what exactly? Where is the proof? Furthermore, Trump is not some mastermind manipulator, only a sore loser. What really makes Trump look like a bastion against the "global elite" is the fact that the establishment really seems to want to lock him up whether there's proof or not. So the "cultural movement" is kept alive by the anti-Trump crowd more than by Trump himself. Which of course was always the case.

by Nic Kramer 1 month ago

Im conviced thay ed has more brain cells than most of the people in the comment section combined

by max cadey 1 month ago

He sounds like a big cry baby to me

by Cece H 1 month ago

Isn’t Trump in trouble for making money for his business while in office? I heard this from people but I’m not American so I’m out of the loop.

by 12 words Only 1 month ago

Prob no jail time, but yes financial trouble. He's already in financial trouble. He's always teetering on destruction - have you no sense of his history?

Aadditionally, the man is literally characterized as litigious. He's also become a target for "justice" calls much like a man constantly in the middle of first being arrested and charged with killing his wife and kids. Don't underestimate the paranoia of trump, or the ability for him to be pinned down with significant financial hits.. right after 4 years of wrinkle forming stress like none of us can imagine. He knows he's been calling for locking political opponents up for years and he knows his entire family is and has been the target for real litigation. They've been and will continue to be scrutinized to a degree none of us can imagine. You don't run around thinking and acting like a mobster, liberal use of the word, for decades without developing some serious form of paranoia. He's thoroughly made himself an identity or been consumed by conspiracy theories and opinions of entertainers as political pundits for years. He has a severe personality disorder - possibly more than one. Again, don't underestimate the stress of losing narcissistic supply like being president plus general paranoia and anxiety unless everyone around you are yes men.. I mean Jesus, there are so many factors that point to him being quite f paranoid right now. Is he on adderall? If so, there's another one.

by iAmMattN 1 month ago

boo hoo Ed, Hollywood will never be the same again, starving actors can't even wait tables in California. Don't be a Deniro ~ over half of your audience loves a great baseball game and the idea of running up the stairs in Philadelphia like Rocky.

by J Mye 1 month ago

Trump isn't likely to be indicted for crimes committed while in office - a minor point. His legal peril stems from crimes he committed before being elected president. To have missed this is President Sunday's facepalm blunder.

by Heywood Jabuzoff 1 month ago

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