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The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander

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Newt Scamander, protagonist of the Harry Potter spinoff, is an unconventional male hero. He performs a refreshingly atypical form of masculinity, especially for the lead in a fantasy adventure story.
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The fact that the fat, non-athletic, confused, non-magical dude gets an actual romantic arc makes me happy.

by Zulu 2 years ago

"Newt's truly special gift is not his magic. It's his empathy." Best summation of Newt Scamander I've ever read.

by Jason G 1 year ago

Newt is the ideal boyfriend lets be real

by Isla 3 years ago

"Why did you keep me around?"
"Because I like you. Because you're my friend"

by Sam Saad 3 years ago

I don't really get why so many people disliked Newt Scamander. Maybe it's because I'm Norwegian and as such am more accostumed to European films which more frequently feature this type of character rather than just the super charismatic badass so popular in Hollywood, but personally I found his character really enjoyable and relatable. It's not often you get a shy male lead in a big budget film that isn't a comedy.

by Niobesnuppa 3 years ago

it's amazing how so many critics actually lack depth and comprehension.

by Kopite 3 years ago

When I saw the movie and it got to the part where Jacob asked Newt why he kept him around, I was expecting Newt's response to be a joke or some kind of quip that would try hide the sentimentality of it all because that's what I was used to seeing in these kinds of scenes, but instead Newt just answered with pure sincerity, "because I like you. You're my friend." 😮😢 It melted my heart in the best way

by MadameTamma 3 years ago

I think what's amazing about this portrayal of masculinity is that it doesn't lack confidence: Newt knows who he is, what he believes, and certainly how to care for the creatures in his care, and is unafraid of the consequences of being a caring individual. That countercultural confidence is, I think, what makes him so attractive: he is bold and fearless enough to behave in a way that will not make him popular, but which will allow him to do good and remain true to himself.

by Kristina Johnson 3 years ago

I mean, have you seen how many women are attracted to Newt? Seeing empathy and kindness in a male can't be more attractive to me.

by Mila Cruz 3 years ago

i find men who are like newt extremely attractive, lol.

by Wes A 3 years ago

Obviously critics don't know what they are talking about. Newt has more heart and soul than all those "heroic" meatheads out there. It's refreshing and encouraging to see a man show tenderness instead of aggression.

by Kaylin Wood 3 years ago

eddie redmayne really brought out newts character and is kind, loving, and compassionate, and there is nothing more attractive. People get turned off???? the qualities are extremely attractive

by Anya Reid 3 years ago

When working with animals, it is usually best to avoid eye contact because it can seem confrontational to them. Newt's aversion to eye contact, while also being a possible symptom of being on the autism spectrum, is a good instinct for him to have for his work with animals.

by Danny Quinn 5 months ago

I was mesmerized by Redmayne's performance. It was exquisite. So profound. Stupid people. The man even changed his walk. GUYS, HE CHANGED THE WAY HIS FEET MOVE IN ORDER TO CONVEY CHARACTER. It was fantastic. And he was so sensitive. The underdog. This whole movie. Did anyone notice that women outside of the magical world didn't wear pants. But most of the women in the magical realm wore pants. AND most of the policing force were a mix of race and gender, both equally male and female. Most of a darker skin complexion. DARLINGS, this is such a nuanced film. You have to watch it multiple times in order to really get how elligantly they separated the worlds and characters. And how amazing the female and male leads in this movie ripped apart gender stereotypes and unnecessary expectations of the Hollywood movie scene.

by Amon Beck 3 years ago

Honestly, Newt is refreshing. Nothing is more boring than a stereotype that you've seen thousands of times. Newt is brave in his own way, he is very competent in what he does and he has an absolute heart of gold. I can't relate to people (or really take seriously for that matter) who think Newt is weak or boring, because clearly, they weren't paying attention to him in the movie. He feels so much more real than most any male character that I've seen in a movie, it really immerses you into the experience. Not all birds have to be aggressive and brightly coloured to be interesting.

by V Mooney 5 months ago

I don’t understand the people who don’t understand characters like newt.

by Leta Lestrange 2 years ago

Your video made me wanna create 10 youtube accounts so I could subscribe 10 times.

by Ler Antes de Morrer 3 years ago

I walked out of the cinema thinking Newt was one of the most attractive male characters I've ever seen

by Theoretically Cookie 3 years ago

You should send this video to J.K. Rowling so she gets to hear the oppinion of the fans who loves this beautiful character of Newt and not just get to see the oppinions of "newspaper-experts" who thinks Newt is weak, sad and boring just because he's not muscular, angry and like a typical action figure (which I found much more boring than the loving, caring, a little nervous Newt. Whom by the way have an amazing character development). I don't want him to litterally go backwards in his development and become angry and bossy and like the typical man-hero.... Our world needs this kind of main characters if we want to get rid of the gender norms we have in our society.

(sorry for bad english, not my native language)

by Annette Hagström 3 years ago

AGREED WITH EVERYTHING HERE. i love newt's character soooooo much arghhhhh. i think eddie mentioned that he did a bunch of research with zoologists about their work. one thing he picked up was that animals prefer humans not to make direct eye contact. it keeps the animals calmer. eddie said he tried to incorporate that into his character

by Fidddle2Pie 2 years ago

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