PS5 DualSense | 21 Things You Didn't Know about the PlayStation 5 Controller

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The PlayStation 5 controller had it's reveal recently. welcome the DualSense and say goodbye to the DualShock..
Lets breakdown everything you need to know about this impressive bit of tech.
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Hyped for the PS5 or are you staying with PS4 for the near future?
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by PlayStationGrenade 7 months ago

“PS6 haptic suits will exist letting us feel every hit the character takes” imma play GTA and go to the strip club with this suit

by Waie Julkafili 7 months ago

Now when you say “you got a mic” you know they have one

by Fire Knight 5 months ago

They removed the light in the front cause people were getting caught playing at 3am

by james paul x 5 months ago

“just like any man i’m going to start with size” lmao

by shutuphoebag223 5 months ago

The "share" button on my ps4 is a virgin cause I never used it in 6 years.

by Romskii 5 months ago

Can't wait to break this and then sell a kidney to buy a new one.

by JQ SUPER 7 months ago

"PS6 haptic suits will exist, letting us feel every hit the character takes."
When you die in game, the suit will short circuit and kill you in real life. Immersion.

Edit: I have realized that I have just unintentionally made a sword art online reference. Sorry about that.

by Edriel Siason 4 months ago

I actually liked the light bar on the Dual Shock 4. I never had any issues with it glaring at the tv. I also liked how it interacted with some games, like in GTA V.

by pwcorgi2000 1 month ago

Haven’t watched the video yet but I hope there’s a vibrator. I love a good vibration here and there.

by Cold world Bobby 1 month ago

"Just like any man I'm going to start with size"

by Saziou 5 months ago

come on have some respect

by Laish 3 months ago

One more DualSense reaction:
"I want money to buy a Ps5

by Kauê W. 5 months ago

These suites will let us feel every hit our charectors take

Me: jumps in a minecraft lava lake

by Ace C Jay 3 months ago

ps6 suit “letting us feel everything our character”. imma get a gta prostitute

by levi火 5 months ago

“Pressing both at the same time hasn’t been possible before” Middle finger: am I a joke to you?

by Michael Flanigan 7 months ago

I'm still waiting to buy my 1st PS console. I've been waiting for 11 years..the only play station I have is the PSP I got on my bday years ago..the CD one without internet but it meant the world to me and I still have it.

by Ananya Pandey 1 month ago

me: wow amazing console, what's the price
sony: you'll know it when u get it
me: sweats

by Spectrum 2 months ago

Is it just me, or does the dualsense controller looks a bit like the switch pro controller?

by XPJaY 3 months ago

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