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Fortnite | All Season 3 Map Updates and Hidden Secrets! WEEK 8

#hutwatch #ps4 #space crash #PC #Gaming
Week 8 Chapter 2 Season 3! A huge map update! Cars are back!
Adam's Twitter - https://twitter.com/adamgrenade
Discord link - https://discord.gg/grenade
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It's simple! Use Code ADAMARU when buying something in the store. Take a pic and DM me it on twitter adamgrenade (if it's an old item please take a video as people lie about things in the store, sorry)

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PlayStationGrenade photo 1 Fortnite | All Season 3... PlayStationGrenade photo 2 Fortnite | All Season 3... PlayStationGrenade photo 3 Fortnite | All Season 3... PlayStationGrenade photo 4 Fortnite | All Season 3...

YOUR WIFE โœจPENNYโœจIS COMING MR GRENADE , I am so happy for you dud ๐Ÿ˜”โœŒ๏ธ

by Zak 4 weeks ago

โ€The original constructor comes to the battlefield.โ€ Penny Is On Her Way

by Sam Hayes 4 weeks ago

Coming soon. The original constructor joins the battle fieldโ€ฆ spoiler itโ€™s penny from stw

by nanster12 4 weeks ago

A new teaser shows we gettin penny after all this time

by Caden Brock 4 weeks ago

I found another ship WITH GOLD!! Plz like so he can see!!!!!!

Itโ€™s next to the island with all the little blobs on it and thereโ€™s a helipad next to that PLEASE INVESTIGATE!!!

Edit: itโ€™s to the left of the island just underneath the B on the map, also to the people who replied to this Iโ€™m a girl not a boy ๐Ÿ˜‚

by carli barnes 1 month ago

Someone tell Adam: We're getting Penny in Battle Royale!

by FunkyFreshYT 4 weeks ago

Myth: can you do a skybase to beat the 4 minute driving challenge instead of doing it normally?

by gavin qazwsxedcrfv 1 month ago

Myth: With someone using Jules' Glider Gun in a car grappling to a Choppa, can you fly?

by generic channel 1 month ago


by Jacob Herault 4 weeks ago

Myth: You can drive a car into steamy stacks and make the car fly.

by Colin Copeland 1 month ago

Myth: does driving a car into a flying helicopter actually blow it up

by bumcrackuslackus isu 1 month ago

YES there is a thing that say coming soon to the battlefield and itโ€™s a shadow of penny

by Ultimate727 4 weeks ago

im relatively sure that next season will be space-themed. there has been a ton of subtle things that are future'y. like if you agree

by Luke Pitre 1 month ago

Myth: if you crash a car and a choppa like in the trailer will they actually explode?

by joshstar95 1 month ago

MYTH: When two marauder groups come together they join and team up

Edit: this is actually the most likes Iโ€™ve got on a comment lol

by Dan Hetch 1 month ago

"Myth: penny won't be in fortnite"

Fortnite: oh boy do we have a surprise for you

by SeeTurtle z 4 weeks ago

myth:its possible to refuel the BEAR car in the back seat without stopping.(feul can)

by mini wheat 1 month ago


by AsahiGaming 4 weeks ago

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