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Cuphead - Launch Trailer | PS4

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Surprise!! The all-cartoon Wondergame Cuphead is coming to PlayStation 4. And you want have to wait to get your hands on it, as it's available starting today! Battle screen-filling bosses in single player or local co-op, and take on The Devil in this run and gun action title inspired by cartoons of the 1930s.

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PlayStation photo 1 Cuphead - Launch Trailer |... PlayStation photo 2 Cuphead - Launch Trailer |... PlayStation photo 3 Cuphead - Launch Trailer |... PlayStation photo 4 Cuphead - Launch Trailer |...

This trailer makes cuphead look like a horror game. They wouldnt be wrong because its horrifyingly difficult

by Bravest Ant 3 days ago

This looks like something out of Chowder or Flapjack.

by xboxed720 1 day ago

These types of trailer reminds me of that one old Nintendo Commercial i remember it said "You Cannot Beat Us"

by Meggy 1 day ago

Can't wait for "What does the cup have to say?" memes

by Pac Boi 1 day ago

Why does it sound like he's saying Playstation 10?

by I'm TheCanadian 1 day ago

Literally just yesterday I googled cuphead ps4 and got all the “never ever coming to ps4” articles
Less than 12 hours later this pops up. I feel trumanshow-ed

by Adrian Del Riego 3 days ago

Microsoft : look at this cool new game I have
Nintendo and Sony: our game

by Germ Tray 19 hours ago

Cuphead: I wanna play!

Also Cuphead: Proceeds to fly at the speed of sound

by ULTRA Puppeteer 1 day ago

The sales of PS4 controllers are currently going through the roof.

by Unpaid Tax 1 day ago

This is nightmare fuel

by MVPerry 2 days ago

Don’t hug me I’m scared 2.0 trailer with parts and references of cup head

by MMTK 12 1 day ago

I love stop motion and I love this trailer as soon as I saw this trailer I went and bought the game. for those who don't know stop motion is the oldest form of animation. it's very simple you take an inanimate object you take a picture move whatever you need a quarter inch one frame at a time for 24 frames and when you run it through sped up it looks like the object is moving by itself. I do understand that this game has 1930s cartoon animation my favorite era of animation.

by RED SEA GAMING 1 day ago

That “out riiiiiiiiiiiiiight now” made my heart drop 😵 can’t believe this
By the way check the PlayStation blog they used old stopmotion techniques to make this trailer like they used to do before

by TiagoWazzup 10 hours ago

game journos: the dark souls of Old Cartoon run n gun finally released on PS4.

by Croz Raven 1 day ago

Stuff it away,
What does the cup have to say?
im a real boi

by Mason Moore 3 days ago

girlfriend's reaction when i'm not gonna spend my time on this game

by B.K.O 1 day ago

I don’t care how long it took, bought it immediately

by Hombuswa Curaçao 22 hours ago

This looked like it could’ve been an April fools joke. They were too late on that.

by Julian Jet 1 day ago

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