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Market Profile Chart Feb. 23, 2021 (S&P 500)

If you trade the S&P 500, (ES, MES, SPY, SPX) then market profile should be your best friend. Market Profile software and data feeds are expensive so I put these charts up every day so traders can use this tool for free..
I keep the microphone muted most of the time but jump on occasionally to give my opinion of what is happening in the market and answer questions from the chat. Please let me know your thoughts, Iā€™m always trying to make this live stream better..
Do NOT try to follow my trades, I am not always profitable and you will lose money..
Happy Trading!.
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3:08 PM Algo Luvr Note: /ES Remains short term Bearish below 3901; A bid/hold back above 3901 wld be a Bullish reversal šŸ¤“ HAGE!šŸ‘

by Algo Luvr 1 month ago

Being in Australia and trying to have some normal sleep pattern I started trading the last 3 hours as of this week but would have loved your video when was Trading the open . Still watching afterwards though . Nice info . thanks for posting .

by johnathan wetherill 1 month ago

You can buy a windows license most times from ebay for around $10 . Done it for all my computers

by johnathan wetherill 1 month ago

On Schiff and economists its been said that every single text book will have to re written because every thing you were taught should happen in these type of conditions never happened . Gold going no where . Bitcoin flying off the chart . Inflation etc . Schiff is worth 80 million so hes probably not suffering too much . LOL

by johnathan wetherill 1 month ago

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