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what if blackpink were signed to bighit?

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things that would be different if blackpink were signed to bighit...
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pinkbangtan photo 1 what if blackpink were signed... pinkbangtan photo 2 what if blackpink were signed... pinkbangtan photo 3 what if blackpink were signed... pinkbangtan photo 4 what if blackpink were signed...

if they did..

armyblinks: “we are going to take over the world.”

by not a furry uwu 3 months ago

"what if blackpink were signed to bighit"

Me: damn i wish 😔✊🏼

by druuu .__ 5 months ago

Jennie Wrote alot songs in her NOTEBOOK but then, the NOTEBOOK is always MISSING.....in short: the STAFF/MANAGER take the notebook away without Jennie know.

by Jen Nica 6 months ago

Bruh if Amry’s and Blink’s unite, no one can touch their babies

by Maiara Manansala 5 months ago

If Blackpink is signed to Bighit:
-the rap line snaps
-a lot of comebacks
-ChuLiChaeng solos

so please Bighit save Blackpink

by prettyep mwa 5 months ago

Bad Fact:
If BlackPink joined BigHit, the delusional BlackTan shippers will literally flood the worlds population.

by BTS Yoonmin 5 months ago

“What if blackpink were signed to bighit?”
Me: life would be better

by Jeon BunnyKook 1 month ago

A summary:
YG treats bp like fracking shat

by Daisaphina 2 months ago

The only bad thing that would happen is :
Blackpink will get shipped with BTS

by i'll hit you with that 4 months ago

*reads title*
me: ha, they would get comebacks💀

by 애니 annie 5 months ago

YG: Are simply lazy and careless.
BIGHIT: Care about their idols - Help their idols - Allow their idols to shine - Let the vocalists show their true vocal colours - Let the rappers show their amazing skills - Let the dancers show that they earned their titles - Let all the members of each group shine - Give solos - Many more things that would take too long to type down!
In conclusion, BLACKPINK deserve better. BTS are doing so well when it comes to their health and these girls should also be allowed to do the same. I really wish that BIGHIT just walks into YG and goes: “Yeah, no. We’re not letting you waste some precious, unique talent. You’re coming with us BP.”
My dream come true! Except for the fact that this will forever stay a dream only and never become a reality! 😭
I really hope BLACKPINK gets the treatment that they worked so hard for and deserve. Love you, sweet queens! We will forever pray...

by BLINK _ SONE _ REVELUV 3 months ago

What if blackpink were signed to Big Hit?

Simple, they will have comebacks

by Ayesha Ishaq 4 months ago

Recently Bighit sued a 11 year old kid for posting shit about their idols(even Lisa was defamed).... And here there's YG who doesn't even give a single damn about what's happening to the girls
There's indeed a huge difference

by Idk Nanmolla 5 months ago

imagine, blackpink can have a comeback twice or thrice a year, and everyone can have a solo, what a beautiful dream

by Anjelo Calderon 5 months ago

If they were signed to bighit...
Simple thing:
They would be happier😔

by Po The panda 6 months ago

if they were in bighit:

ARMY x BLINK and this two fandoms are completely Powerful so if u touch one fandom u better pack your things and go to another planet baby.

by CLOWN 10 months ago

One thing is for sure that BigHit and JYP are best at managing their artists especially BigHit.
Just look at BTS and the CEO's relationship, they act like siblings and also the staffs and the members. BigHit is the best at balancing artists too like how they are balancing BTS and TXT and not ignoring any one of them.

by Haru Yoshida 6 months ago

Then their will
Jhope and lisa and jimin dance collaboration
Jungkook rose and jimin
V and jisoo and jin
Jennie and RM collaboration
Lisa and Suga
Rap collaboration

by lisa manoban 4 months ago

“Yg is just a creepy dude” omg im wheezing but srsly yg gotta improve cuz blackpink is getting so much hate

by yeon kimin 5 months ago

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