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The Last Of Us 2 - Part 1 - IT'S FINALLY HERE!

#SATIRE #Gaming
Woohoo, The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. here part 1 of my playthrough, get hyped!
All Episodes Playlist Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4gJm8fHOvw&list=PLYH8WvNV1YEm2hHjqkkXb8U4xTYQjRRAy
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Here's part 2. Just warning ya, you can also chose not to watch it.. wish I knew

by PewDiePie 2 months ago

I donโ€™t know why, but hearing Felix say โ€œMy wifeโ€ hit different

by Jordan Youssef 2 months ago

7 years ago, I was laying on my belly on grandparents couch watching all his Last Of Us Play throughs of the first game. Now here I am 7 years later, both of my grandparents are dead, and that home is sold. And it still feels like last night. I can still smell the laundry detergent on the blanket I had on me. Time really does fly. Jabba The Hut was so nostalgic

by Abigail Eldritch 2 months ago

โ€œWas it 7 years ago?โ€ Me realising Iโ€™ve been watching this man for over 7 years wow time flies pewds EDIT: well this comment has blown up a bit I appreciate it boys ๐Ÿ‘

by Kai Gray 2 months ago

It gave me anxiety when he was playing the wrong chords

by Baby Bean 2 months ago

pewdiepie: is a multi-millionaire

also pewdiepie: "i still have crappy internet"

by Ze_ Baguetteboi 2 months ago

he brought back the โ€œJabba the huttโ€ song, literally brings back so many memories when i started watching him

by Omar Nairab 2 months ago

"jesus christ joel, what'd you do?"

flashback Pewds :
E L . D I A B L O

by Gonzales Davey 2 months ago

Pewds: I'm a hardcore gamer let's play it on survival
Also Pewds: Selects moderate

by Glass Shark 2 months ago

Pewdiepie when zombies are attacking him: C A L M
Pewdiepie when little kids are throwing snowballs at him: THIS IS NOT DOKI DOKI

by creativecreepyturtle 2 months ago

When you played the first game, i was a university student, now i have 1 year old baby. Time is cruel ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

by gizemm4433 2 months ago

Pewds: "Hey look, it's Jacksepticeye's band!"
Jack: "Hey look, it's me!"
It scares me how they're so connected

by TheRichLeprechaun 2 months ago

I remember Joel being a fucking mad tank that was able to take 30 bullets while normal people died to 2-4.

by Torishima Hashime 2 months ago

"Little Girl" lyrics

Hey little girl
we kill the zombie
i lie to you girl
about curing the zombie

by Elvin John Paragas 2 months ago

Remember back in tlou, when joel got injured, Ellie said, "If I get us out of here, u're so singing to me."

and Joel just did.

EDIT: holy cow, aint we all just gonna get sad xD

and btw, i fixed the grammar. sorry for making yall catch your breath by reading those lines hahaha

by Eye Oops 2 months ago

Felix: Edgar youโ€™re replaceable
Edgar: you too

by SLY cooper43 2 months ago

"I promised I'd teach you how to play"

by Maheen Mazhar Ali 2 months ago

Anyone else notice the weird tension between Ellie and Joel in the beginning? It made me genuinely uncomfortable during my first play trough

by Katelynnaxonn 1 month ago

"I borrowed headphones from my wife".
It's evolving just backwards

by Sri Vatshan 1 month ago

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