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The Last of Us 2 - ENDING... - Part 8

The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. We're continuing the playthough LIVE babey
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Last of Us 3
Joel: Wake up kiddo

by Frnzis 3 months ago

It pains me so badly how nasty Ellie was being towards Joel the entire game. He loved her with every fiber of his being, his entire soul. I really wished she would've just given that back to him. He deserved love.

by PinkPearl 2 months ago

Hey guys I'm alive
I just faked my own death
And don't worry it was just a small head injury

by Jukic 123 2 months ago

Owen to ellie: she's pregnant
Ellie: having a mental breakdown
Ellie to abby: she's pregnant
Abby: good


by ImPoPzzZ 2 months ago

The way Joel looks at Ellie when sheโ€™s a dick to him is so sad

by KALLUM X 1 month ago

Abby and her group: โ€œWhatโ€™s your name?โ€

Joel: โ€œMy name is Jeffโ€

Ending credits

by Gabriela Clark 3 months ago

Abby's steroids 30 day trial expired

by Beef Cake 2 months ago

imagine how many joels abby must've killed before finally getting the right one

by Misakarie 1 month ago

Ellie: "Revenge is bad, I will forgive you."

hundreds of people who were killed on her way:

by Jo Zh 1 month ago

"Revenge is a fool's game"
-Arthur Morgan

by Monis Ahmed 2 months ago

Ellie: kils hundreds of people, including a pregnart woman and her husband to get to Abby
Also Ellie: I forgive you

amazing ending I rate it 3 out of 5 fingers

by My Seventy 3 months ago

Crazy to think that if Ellie didn't try to seek revenge, Abby would have truly died.

by Aaron 1 month ago

Yara: *gets shot by like 10 people*

Pewds: but we didn't actually SEE her die

by Copper Candycorn 1 month ago

When u canโ€™t forgive ur dad cuz he saved u but u forgive the women who tortured him killed your friend and almost killed your wife and disfigured the man who is basically ur uncle

by Sโ€™mores 2 months ago

Everyone: the Abby route is about her learning that revenge is bad

Also Abby: She's pregnant? Good.

Thank god Lev was there

by Alexandra Larsson 1 month ago

When Ellie is living her best life, but there is an hour left of the stream.

by Wave Lastname 2 months ago

It was waaaay to messy, they should've worked more on the structure of the story.
I fully agree with pewds, this does not feel like 'the last of us'', they kinda killed the feeling of the game

by Robin Andersson 2 months ago

Abby: "What's your name?"
Joel: "My name's Joel"
Abby: "Understandable, Have a great day"

roll credits

by Mukul Sharma 2 months ago

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