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I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute) - Part 27

#SATIRE #Gaming
Apparently Minecraft 1.14 update has foxes and its amazing
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PewDiePie photo 1 I tame a Fox in... PewDiePie photo 2 I tame a Fox in... PewDiePie photo 3 I tame a Fox in... PewDiePie photo 4 I tame a Fox in...

What Pewdipie says: "I tame a fox in Minecraft"

What Pewdiepie does: "I steal 2 baby foxes from their mother and kill one."

by Joe Doe 1 year ago

Felix: I’m your new mama
The foxes when Felix dies: he was like a father to me

by Jackson Hicks 1 month ago

Imagine Felix getting a therapist.
Therapist: what do you do for fun?
Felix: I put villagers in the frick chamber and force them to have children

by Sarah Tepper 3 months ago

I love how the person who created this texture pack actually made the iron golemns into stone man

by Absolute Zero 2 months ago

Pewds: get’em Sven

Sven: watches at pewds kill’em

Pewds: good job Sven

by T Micah 2 months ago

Pewdiepie: I‘m gonna be your mom now

Fox: starts sweating

by It‘s Iza 1 year ago

I like how sad it is that when someone die it start raining, like anime :( and the music make it sadder

R.I.P jourgen #1 and #2, water sheep, boat cow #1, mushroom water cow, peepeepoopoo #1 the pig, ikea bird #1, ikea bird #2, DJCOW and bernie. One like is one F to all this good animals

Honarable mentions: farmer villager, babe villager, water chicken, fox baby #2, baby slime, ugly snowman and all the zombie pigmans

Pd: this comment was replied in almost every episode where is a death, if i miss one copy, edit and paste. Thank you

by X plays 2 months ago

"This is like, when Americans discovered America for the first time"


by KIRB AND POYO 2 months ago

He pays them to “Plant seeds”
They interpreted it wrong

by Park Ji-Min 2 months ago

Wait why didn’t you get them married in temple of water sheep

by H A T 3 months ago

Foxes: sleeping peacefully

Felix: "I'm your new mom now."

by RacalsPlayz 1 year ago

“I loved him too he gave me good prices.”


by boxy boyo 1 month ago

Felix in july: did i tell u to stop frikking? that's right I don't think so
Felix in August: less frikking more farming. did I pay u to frick?

by Anthony Yang 3 months ago

Ender dragon: You puny human can't kill me.
PewDiePie: Get in the boat!

by Nirnaya pradhan 1 month ago

Pewdiepie when ever an animal that he named dies: He was like a father to me

Also what happened to his lama

by Dakota Downs 2 months ago

Pewdiepie: "So you guys told me..."

Everyone: Nervous sweating

by Rain Reign 1 year ago

this is officially my favorite episode in the series even though we lost an epic dj

by Alicia Abdullah 2 months ago

Y’all remember The original Bengt? He was the partner for Pewdiepie in the Journey Playthrough he did years ago.

by Kenneth Saito 2 months ago

this hits different at 4 am, I'm crying

by Aggie Powell 3 months ago

"Sven and his boyfriend Sven"
So Sven is Gæ? We love our gay king

by Laffy Taff 2 months ago

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