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I met a Minecraft Girlfriend - RL Minecraft - 1

#SATIRE #Gaming
Minecraft RL mod very epic
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PewDiePie photo 1 I met a Minecraft Girlfriend... PewDiePie photo 2 I met a Minecraft Girlfriend... PewDiePie photo 3 I met a Minecraft Girlfriend... PewDiePie photo 4 I met a Minecraft Girlfriend...

"why does it sound like i'm wearing high heels"

and that's when he realized he was the minecraft girlfriend all along

by Ashley Louise 1 year ago

"real life craft"
"Pewdiepie was blown up by Fire Dragon"

by 111 111 7 months ago

Felix: „thats my minecraft wife“

Marzia: sad marzia noices

by -_Reque_- 11 months ago

pewd:"ThIs iS NoT hArD"

10 seconds later: * screams in pain *

by lil cordnai gacha 1 month ago

"Sweating furiously when I see a dinosaur"
Pewdiepie: Kissy kissy

by Tomas Mccreesh 1 year ago

Wait, why didn't I ever know about this series? REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

by TheEclipse2000 3 months ago

“I don’t like that block, it looks like a creeper

And I wanna frick it.”

by JustCallMeJae 8 months ago

Famous last words: "Is the Tiger Gone?


by Bongos 11 months ago

Pewds: “I met a minecraft girlfriend “

Pewds after few days:” Minecraft girlfriend was like a father to me...”

by Dhruv Menon 1 year ago

"What a bunch of noobs, you think Minecraft is HARD?"
Immediately spawns in next to a dragon.

by The Nightmare Tank 1 year ago

"Real life Minecraft"

Dragons, pixies, dinosaurs, mermaids

by haha help 1 month ago

Shivaxi: "Imagine if PewDiePie played RLCraft"

PewDiePie: play's RLCraft

Shivaxi: happy noises

by CT-3953 CT Checkmate 8 months ago

mInEcRaFt iSnT hArD

5 seconds later: dies 4 times

by Lerosifeth 9 months ago

“real life craft”
the first thing he sees is a dragon

by miranda beatrice 1 year ago

"I can make armor for sven"
more like from sven

by Sir Meliodas 1 month ago

When I playing RLCraft, I feels like in fantasy world with nostalgic feelings

Sorry for my english, I'm Asian :v

by JUST PERSON 11 months ago

I just watched Sive's latest video and this comes out on my feed.

by nyapism 1 month ago

Pewds: "there's bees in minecraft WhAt?"
1.15: I'm about to end this mans whole carreer

by 5AM 6 months ago

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