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Fall Guys ALL WINS Get in here!

Fall Guys is a game where you fall its epic
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Love how the largest youtuber in the world still can't tell if he's live yet

by Ethan Blackburn 2 months ago

I absolutely lost it when Pewds held the goalie 😂

by Jenna Embers 2 months ago

I love how he was less scared of getting his stream banned and more scared of having to buy merch from Jake Paul

by News Flash I’m tired 2 months ago

Pewds: your mom is smart
Jack : no she is not, she gave birth to me, she is an idiot

Me: kinda related.

by Adinia Amaliah 2 months ago

Jack on his channel: “what do I do now?”
Jack on Felix’s channel: I now know everything

by Fyn XandeR 2 months ago

I literally died when he actually started holding people for Jack. 😂😂

by just.beautiful 2 months ago

“Do you think I’m a baiter? I’m a master baite-“
Me: hold up, wait a minute, something ain’t right

by Bradystvns 2 months ago

11/17 eliminated. Jack: “okay 8 more people have to go out...” quick maths

by Simon Bodjanac 2 months ago

Bruh I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes watching this and you're telling me they didn't win ONCE

by Emily 1 month ago

Bro hearing him swear again and not be restricted makes me so happy like it’s not the fact he’s swearing it’s the fact he can say what he wants (for the most part DON’T RELIVE THE BRIDGE FELIX) haha jks

by Gabriel C 2 months ago

Pewdiepie doing his best at fall guys

Everybody: are you winning son?

by Glitch ITM 2 months ago

the Fall guys devs need to give him a pattern and color of his signature red and black design.

by Tbomber 2 months ago

Felix: I don’t like it when other players touch me.
Also Felix: (Grabs people before they cross the finish line)

by CreatureCal 2 months ago

I bet that pineapple was Jake Paul trying to move some merch

by Nintendold 1 month ago

Me: is trying to sleep
My neighbors dogs:

by Cactus Juice 2 months ago

"I got it, i got it"

Not even 5 seconds later:


by Starkitti 2 months ago

Pewdiepie: makes his Fall Guys playthrough public to everyone
Everybody liked that

by Yee Person 2 months ago

I'm so used to Pewds being censored that actually hearing him say the flippy dippy word made me go "WOOOOT?"

by Kitty Pryde 2 months ago

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