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The Official Podcast #206: Belle Delphine Explains Everything

Four close man friends and a woman friend gather around to e-girl.
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00:00:48 - Sex Toy Competition
00:07:13 - Weird Requests
00:20:52 - Harry's *Ad*
00:22:58 - Working Hard
00:42:02 - Hawthorne *Ad*
00:43:57 - Bathwater
00:51:13 - Looking Forward
00:57:08 - ExpressVPN *Ad*
01:00:32 - Social Media Bans
01:18:12 - The Question
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Belle: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
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Belle saying she likes funny guys instead of attractive guys is a pro business gamer move.

by Key Epic 2 months ago

Call me a simp but what an absolute lucky human being! Imagine? Being in the presence of a very gorgeous human being like Charlie? Damn, I'm so jealous.

by Joshua Ancheta 1 month ago

Belle: I'm not into attractive people, I'm more into funny guys

Simps: I'm something of a comedian myself

by Anthony Arias 2 months ago

I just realized I've never actually heard Belle Delphine's voice before this.

by RonnTheMonster 1 month ago

Belle delphine will never have a huger moby than you

by One Giant Onion 2 months ago

3 simps, jesus and belle delphine walk into a bar...

by Conner Downes 2 months ago

Belle made a 10,000 IQ move when she said she finds unattractive people hot, she knows the simps are getting excited over her saying that. It's also in a way, a roast lol

by Cassandra Osgood 2 months ago

Belle Delphine is actually really charismatic I was surprised to see her personality on here

by GoBrt 2 months ago

This was the ultimate non simping challenge and only jesus completed it.

by KamiKatze 8 3 weeks ago

She has a ridiculous social IQ. It looks like there is never a moment where her confidence is unbalanced. Only Charlie was able to hold conversational stability at her level. No stuttering, hardly any filler words. Her timing is impeccable too and she hardly interrupts people while still being able to hold a proportional stake at the topics at hand. Just a few minor details to show that she is strongly competent in the face of publicity.

But this is online - her natural habitat. I wonder how this translates to person-to-person?

by 1:58 1 week ago

Her: Acts Normal
People who own an OnlyFans Sub: Wait what the fuck

by Octane 2 days ago

Say what you want about Belle, but she goddamn knows how to make business.

by SomeAustrianGuy 1 month ago

I'm genuinely jealous of Belle Delphine for being able to sell literally anything as long as she says she's it's from her personally.

by Communism With Giggles 1 month ago

After this, i legit respect her and kind of like her as a person.

by Nick Dorland 1 month ago

Disclaimer: I'm no simp

To be honest, what she does is just business. Some people don't like her because she's doing stuff on youtube instead of other platforms. But as I see it now, if it makes money and you enjoy it then do it. Just way the pros and cons first.

Also wow I only heard her voice now and sounds British

by Chara Dreemurr 1 month ago

Belle seems like a really wholesome person. Didn't think i'd ever be saying that.

by James Ruvituso 2 months ago

belle: i like funny guys
the guys there: "improves the jokes"

by Lucas Mendonca 1 month ago

She could have Simpa-Limpas instead of Oompa-Loompas

by Colton S. 2 months ago

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