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I Became the Global #1 Player in Two Horrible Games

This is the greatest leaderboard climb of All Time

penguinz0 photo 1 I Became the Global #1... penguinz0 photo 2 I Became the Global #1... penguinz0 photo 3 I Became the Global #1... penguinz0 photo 4 I Became the Global #1...

He’s also the best in the world at hiding that he’s actually enjoying these games.

by Kerem Gökçe 1 weeks ago

Developer: this game is an iq test
Game: *hit wall with rock *

by alberman 1 weeks ago

Game : "This is an IQ test"
Charlie : Proceeds to turn on caveman mode

by Typical Weeb 1 weeks ago

"This game requires very high IQ"
Half of the gameplay is hitting things with a rock

by Kris 1 weeks ago

Imagine how absurdly talented charlie looks, if you take his achievements out of context. He has held multiple speedrunning world records, multiple Guiness book world records, finished a chess tournament match in close to a minute, casually took the highest rank in two games in a night, can come up with completely new cooking recipes in a minute, is an accomplished media critic, has demonstrated high skills in multiple departments, such as sex toy use, post match interviews, product quality control, advertising... This guy is the actual messiah, lads.

by Big Chungus 1 weeks ago

Charlie casually just lets a kid die while he's screaming

by Zain 1 weeks ago

I’m willing to buy a “This smells like a number 1 gamer” candle from Charlie.

by Renegade 1 weeks ago

That Cyber Hunter game actually doesn’t look half bad honestly considering its a mobile battle royale game

by Sal Diaz 1 weeks ago

Holy shit Charlie actually edited in a fade to black at the end?!

by Bunch Berge 1 weeks ago

I love how charlie is the most cocky person in the world and the most humble at the same time

by Man Dog 1 weeks ago

Lol that malaysian kid in charlie's squad. He didn't know he is in a squad with a legend

by Ar9 90 1 weeks ago

Mobile players: "Who are you?"
Pc players: "Death"

by zaunkonig12 1 weeks ago

"You need an 110 IQ to enjoy this game"
Gameplay consists of smashing objects to win

by BlueRevolvur ☧ 1 weeks ago

The first game actually looks fun. Just messing around in world that seems meaningless because my IQ is too low.

by Andro SP 1 weeks ago

We need an outside the grid world championship so charlie can destroy the only 2 other players that play the game

by ViperIsHere 1 weeks ago

That kid is from malaysia..because i know he speaks malay😂...lucky kid to get to play with charlie

by MHafiz Solihin 1 weeks ago

That’s an Azerbaijani song of criminals I’m crying

by Rashad Mammadli 1 weeks ago

“Hit a wall with a rock with friends” sounds like an awesome game.


Charlie casually lets a Malaysian kid die in a Fortnite rip-off 1948 (colorized)

by To Yeet Or To Be Yeeted 1 weeks ago

We should all start playing those games just to ruin the economy

by roszymek TeFau 1 weeks ago

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