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Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony Shalhoub) | Peacock Presents At-Home Variety Show feat. Seth MacFarlane

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Tonight, Tony Shalhoub joins Seth MacFarlane in The At-Home Variety Show, proving Adrian Monk may have had it right all along. We’re supporting essential workers and communities most in need. Find out how you can help too at https://www.peacocktv.com/ForGood. #PeacockVarietyShow #StayHome
Tune in Weeknights 7PM/4PM PT for more At-Home Variety Show

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Peacock photo 1 Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony... Peacock photo 2 Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony... Peacock photo 3 Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony... Peacock photo 4 Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony...

Who’s interested in Monk series reunion?!🥺

by MMkriz 2 months ago

You think Monk was ahead of the game, what about his brother? He's been practicing lockdown for 50 years.

by Tre B 2 months ago

Monk: wipe, wipe!
Natalie: Mr. Monk I can’t help you. I’m not there.
Monk: always with the excuses.
🤣🤣🤣 I love it. Monk was and still is my favorite show.

by odessa barker 1 months ago

Quarantine is just another day for Ambrose Monk.

by malufet333 2 months ago

When Quarantine started, the first thing I thought was: “Monk’s going to flip out!”

by Ian Chandler 2 months ago

This genuinely felt like a Monk episode.

by Tauriq Moosa 2 months ago

How is Tony Shalhoub a lesser known actor?! Why wasn't it announced on the news like Tom Hanks, that he had the virus?!

Glad he's ok.

by MA VA 2 months ago

I didn't know that Tony had the Coronavirus but I'm glad he and his wife are OK now - same with the actress playing Natalie.

by rented identity 2 months ago

'Lesser known?' Excuse me, Tony Shaloub is NOT lesser-known! He's a brilliant actor! And I did not know how much I missed the characters until right now. Out come the DVD's!

by Bonny S 2 months ago

"We're all Monk now"
That was my family's first thought
when the coronavirus quarantine began.

by Lumber Jack City 2 months ago

Monk is one of the best television characters ever. Like everyone else here, I miss this show. Great cast too.

by Tracy Polselli 2 months ago

When we first met Mr. Monk, we all thought he was going way overboard. We all laughed at him. In the future, our children and grandchildren will watch those same episodes and comment how he was a visionary, just a little ahead of his time.....

So great to see all our old friends again...🙂

by Steve Dyer 2 months ago

The irony that Monk is probably the safest man in America from COVID-19. “It’s my time to shine.”

by fightingblindly 2 months ago

"Mr. Monk it's a computer, you can get closer." It would have been funny if Monk said, "Last time I checked Natalie, computers get viruses." 😆
I miss Monk, I wish they would bring it back. 😢

by Meow Mix 2 months ago

After seeing this flashback video, I decided to go bing watch MONK. Anyone doing the same???

by rage30341 1 months ago

The dishwasher made perfect sense! And reaching out of the front door with the cutters- LOL!!!

by Samantha J. Goodhue 2 months ago

When they said we're all Monk now - Monk should have said "it's a gift and a curse."

by Talia P 2 weeks ago

This is the pitching.
Now there should be another season of Monk.

by Cak Redi 2 months ago

Tony Shalhoub is a national treasure.

by electrojones 3 months ago

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