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Why Doing Taxes Is So Hard | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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As the tax deadline approaches, Hasan exposes an industry built around making tax prep more complicated and expensive. While millions of Americans can actually file their taxes for free, tax prep companies like TurboTax use tactics to deceive and make filing more costly for individuals. To learn more about filing your taxes for free, visit https://www.TurboTaxSucksAss.com.
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I’ll forever be amazed how literally anything can be privatized in America.

by Deon Blue 1 months ago

This website saved me $110. That what the "free turbotax" was going to charge me. Thank you!

by Kayla Ibarra 1 months ago

"as boring as watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy."
Don't let Stephen Colbert hear that.

by goblinounours 3 weeks ago

I've been tricked year after year into paying for doing my taxes "for free". Now I know why.
He should get a Public Service medal for this episode....

by MaskedMarvyl 1 months ago

I love John Oliver. But these are far more informative and rebellious. Truly an act of patriotism.

by Frederik Høyrup 1 months ago

I love how transparent he is, he even calls out netflix not paying tax even tho they’re the ones who host his show. well done sir.

by Sam X 1 months ago

ok i'm done

by shortstuf804 1 months ago

After watching Hasan Minhaj, Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert I'm starting to wonder what actually works in America. Well except capitalism of course.

by LAWRENCE CHEGE 1 months ago

I bet the people who dislike this video work for TurboTax.

by Jingya Sun 1 months ago

This guy is at least trying to make a better world, rather than throwing abuses towards opponents.
Great work.

by Donnie Hopkings 1 months ago

Here's another interesting fact for you Hasan:
It looks like many internet providers (Verizon FiOS in my case) are already flagging your new actually "free" website as "potential spam". 🤷🏽‍♂️

by Imad Kazim 1 months ago

"This is our last episode of the cycle --" NO! Don't go! Don't leave us here!

by B. N. 1 months ago

"Hating the IRS makes the tax prep industry stronger" yeah, this is the whole Reagan tactic of "government is the problem" Republicans get ppl to hate the government so that then they will have a weakened and dysfunctional and (most importantly) corrupt government AND no consumer protection. Republicans don't want you to have consumer protection b/c then private companies can't ream you so easily. And when private companies ream you they pretend the government did it (when really the government just stepped out of the way, as the republicans wanted).

by Piriathy 1 months ago

It is really sad how much our politicians, of both parties, have thrown us under the bus. Almost as sad as the fact that we keep voting the crooks back in.

by Dennis Mitchell 1 months ago

Holy sh*t...he did it. He really put Netflix in the tax avoidance hall of fame.

by Taksheel S 1 months ago

I've lived abroad for years and have paid for an upgraded package each year because even Turbo Tax's standard paid service doesn't offer the foreign income exclusion form. Just used your site though to access the free version and carefully compared the return with last years before finalizing my filing. IT'S THE SAME THING. Thank you for saving me $90!!

by Matthew Pena 1 months ago

america is literally the epitome of the saying 'reality is stranger than fiction'

by Asma Abib 1 months ago

I have an MFA & a PhD and I lost my job and tried to file FREE this year. I tried to navigate the Turbo Tax FREE mashup with the IRS FREE Turbo. COULD NOT DO IT! Thanks for calling this out, Hasan!

by Rrosa Seconda 1 months ago

Your show is one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I've learned so much from you. This show, on taxes, is a great help as I don't have the deductions to make it worthwhile to buy a tax preparation program. Your program on cruises helped me explain to family and friends why I don't want to go on a cruise. You always present something that makes me a better citizen and consumer. So I want to thank you, for your great shows, and Netflix (even if they don't pay taxes) for hosting your show.

by Betty Schueler 1 months ago

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