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Hasan And Keith Ellison On Justice For George Floyd | Patriot Act Digital Exclusive | Netflix

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On May 31st, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison took over the ongoing prosecution of Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers for their roles in the death of George Floyd. Soon after, Hasan made a passionate plea to Keith Ellison to fight for justice in the case - and it turns out that Keith was listening. Watch as Hasan sits down with Ellison to discuss the case, his decision to file new and increased charges against all four officers in the murder, and the underlying systemic racism within the criminal justice system in America. Hasan also examines the impact of recent protests around the country, Ellison's personal encounters with police brutality as a black man, and his views on the rising calls to abolish policing altogether..
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I can't believe Netflix chickened out and cancelled one of the most informative and entertaining shows. Come on Netflix... Who hurt you? Did they threatened the Netflix family?

by KPepper L 1 month ago

Can't believe they cancelled this amazing show! Netflix should be ashamed

by Moyeen 1 month ago

As Will Smith said, "Racism isn't getting worse, it's getting filmed."

That quote opened my eyes so much.

by Juno M 2 months ago

Keith Ellison was 100% regretting not leading the du'a himself

by Febrian Moten 2 months ago

This man has done his job - been vocal about corruption, crime, and injustice. During his last episode "Why Doing Taxes Is So Hard", he revealed that *Netflix hadn't paid federal taxes in 2019. That is probably why his show got canceled*.

We got to protect this man for all that he has done. I've known more about the world from watching his episodes than from reading newspapers. Long-form of journalism, though under-appreciated, is very much necessary for us. Revive this show, help sign petitions. Even if Netflix doesn't agree, let's help fund this wonderful show.

Here's one petition:

by Arjun Nayak 1 month ago

The dua he made is a metaphor, covered as a humor

Plaque gum disease and gingivitis = disease of the mouth aka lies and deceptions

LTE to be better = improve relationships between human beings

Olive pit = hidden evil and disappointments

White women in yoga pants = worldly temptations

Limited edition Doritos = desire and happiness

by Haneef Isa 2 months ago

It’s nice seeing two Muslims on TV talking about news. I couldn’t imagine this after 2001. God bless America 😭

by Mahida Ali 2 months ago

My older brother is 18 and he just graduated. My mom told him, “If you or your friends are about to do something stupid, Run. Walk away because you know full well You will be more in trouble than your other friends (He has mostly white friends), I need you to come home alive and not in a body bag”.

It’s so sad. I have mostly white friends and I know She’d tell the same things to me because She told me, “They arrest and throw little black Girls in jail”.

I’m so tired of being afraid I’m going to be killed for Riding my skateboard or walking around my neighbor hood, or my dads Neighborhood. I have 2 younger brothers and I’m scared they get killed for no reason expect for because there Black.

Time to stand up No justice No peace ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

by Kc.Sketches 2 months ago

The absolute worst thing that could happen is people losing interest. It happened so often up to this point. It cannot happen again or things will never change. People need to use this momenting and not lose it.

by Weird Brit 2 months ago

“Protect us from whites women in yoga pants” 😂😂

by Sophia T. 2 months ago

My black friend stopped me when I was about to jaywalk in her hometown. She represents not only black women but also Muslim women in her city and cannot be seen breaking any laws, no matter how trivial. It doesn’t matter that I was the one instigating it, she would be the one getting the backlash, and it would spill over on all black people in that city. It was an eye opener for me and I’m ashamed to say it was.

by Nightsgrow 2 months ago

I’m atheist but that prayer was sooo cool. Arabic is an amazing language!

by Richard Richardson 2 months ago

I'm not Muslims, but watching him pray brought tears of joy to my eyes.

by Sherrell Jones 2 months ago

We're getting news from comedians and comedy from newscasters. This is true across the world! Incredible!

by Mo Farooqi 2 months ago

“if you are black in america you are not allowed to be flawed”
I'm reminded of Chris Rock's joke where he lived in a neighborhood where there's only 4 black people in it, all of whom are celebs including Chris. His white neighbor, meanwhile, is just a regular, unremarkable dentist.

The point being that "the black man gotta fly to get somewhere the white man can walk to."

by PitLord777 2 months ago

How sad is it: "tell me about your first run in with the cops"

why is it, that in America that it isn't surprising that EVERY black person has had a run in with the cops

by Titus Tiger 2 months ago

I love how Keith looked at hasan while he was praying like, "is this how he prays all the time?"

by The Question Mark Animator 2 months ago

As a Muslim, I found his dua hilarious, but I know people are going to be pissed about it.

by Still Searching 2 months ago

Keith Ellison is a great guy, I wish we had more politicians like him.

by Se Ou 2 months ago

That was the first time I've hear a dua in a show...made me a lil teary eyed ngl (made me cry from laughing 2)

by Fatima Karim 2 months ago

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