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Barbz for Bernie 💅 VS trump supports😡 tiktok war

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Nicki Minaj 2020
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PacificCooler photo 1 Barbz for Bernie 💅 VS... PacificCooler photo 2 Barbz for Bernie 💅 VS... PacificCooler photo 3 Barbz for Bernie 💅 VS... PacificCooler photo 4 Barbz for Bernie 💅 VS...

💅🏽Aye!🧑🏽 trey 🤔do💨 you✨ think👀 you ❕could 💵buy 👱🏽‍♀️me🎀 a 🍼bottle😏 of 🌹rosé❓

by oh 4 months ago

I’m probably slow lol but I am totally for the barbz for Bernie thing because I hate trump. But can someone please explain like how this all started lol

by Gabby Kensy 5 months ago

Yes im ghetto 💅 word to gepetto 💖 plus im leto wheres🤷 my siletto 🕴 tell mike jordan send me my retros 👟 used to be bi 🌈but now im just hetro🙄

by ash is 4 months ago

📀✨⚡️stream say so remix⚡️✨📀

by jiminsmochi 4 months ago

the barbz leader is obvi nicki, and the trump supporters is trump

by brody 4 months ago


by LOTXZ 3 months ago

@jorobe should be the king if Barbz 💅

by Some_Gay_Shit 4 months ago

Larray and twaims should be the kings of barbz

by SxgurPlum :D 3 months ago

i will gladly join as a Barb even though i don’t listen to her that much

by kay 2 months ago

Proud snowflake and ilia is a barb

by Arch Knight 2 days ago

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