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“They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden Newman CRASHES Julian’s Car!? Julian PISSES OFF Family 😱

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Would you let Jaden Newman drive your car!?
In this episode of Hello Newmans, the family pays respects to one of their idols, Kobe Bryant. Julian and Jaden both looked up to Kobe growing up, so this one really hurts. But Jamie does a good job of bringing the family together and keep their spirits high in tough times.
Later, Jamie takes Jaden out to learn how to drive. Everything's going smooth, but then Jaden almost crashes Julian's car! Y'all think Jaden's gonna pass her driver's test?
After that, Julian and Jaden prepare for their big celebrity at the Amway Center In Orlando. They're gonna hoop with stars like Floyd Mayweather, and then party on the roof! Watch Hello Newmans Episode 3 and see what happens!
Fear Nothing drops tomorrow at noon, so get ready for that too!
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Overtime photo 1 “They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden... Overtime photo 2 “They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden... Overtime photo 3 “They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden... Overtime photo 4 “They’re Not Your FRIEND!” Jaden...

i just noticed that julian's dad has McDonald's eyebrows

by Martin Gohlke 1 month ago

The most meme worthy episode in a while:

1.Julian forgets his password
2.Jaden figures out Kobe’s death and decided the best way to deal with it was post it
3. Jamie calls Julian and Jaden the most famous celebrities in America
4. We get a random dude named Cj into the mix
5. Jamie decides to have Julian quit the game just to party on a roof

by ROBLOX Master 1 month ago

- Wait, all of them jumping like gods
- Always has been

by MrCrazy 1 month ago

“Jaden CRASHES Julian’s Car”
she hits the curb
Me: bruh 😒

by Kluivert B 1 month ago

“Doesn’t matter if your 90 and doesn’t matter if your 5 Kobe touched you”😭😭😭😭

by ShuShu 1 month ago

jaden: that is so sad thats like so sad, i needa post a picture of him

by Josh 1 month ago

This family is super self-centered and acts like the world revolves around them. No one is laughing with them, only at them.

by AAY-V 1 month ago

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by Josh Guo 1 month ago

These kids wouldn’t last in a Mexican household with all that back talking..

by Jose Zarate 1 month ago

Julians dad: “I’m gonna teach her to drive the Newman way baby!”
Jaden:Almost Crashes

by Lucid 1 month ago

“Doesn’t matter if your ninety doesn’t Matter if your five Kobe has touched you”

by Eddy0903 1 month ago

“They’re the biggest celebs in the world”~Julians dad...this man more delusional than flight

by Damoni Hunt 1 month ago


Julian’s dad: yea this blazer gone be fye with this hoody

by StarChase 4Ever 1 month ago

Jaden out here lookin like a whole Thanksgiving meal lol.

by ItzCookies YT 1 month ago

Jamie: “as long she listens to daddy and does whatever I say everything will be fine”
Me: 😳

by Cayden-_-Swervooo 1 month ago

Everyone partying and having a good time*

by M Ø Ö D 1 month ago

Prodigy Prep: “Wins a friendly game against a freshman team”

Jamie: lets celebrate

by Paolo Carlos 1 month ago

Can we talk about the fact the Julian forgot the password to HIS phone

by Reid Lindy 1 month ago

“That’s so sad imma post about it” this why everybody hate them

by Jill Williams 1 month ago

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