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"It's About Having MY OWN Path!" Inside 7'0" Jahzare Jackson's Life! Pool Workout, Haircut & More 😱

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We linked with our guy Jahzare Jackson out in California to see what his life's been like in quarantine!
Overtime Tae met up with Jah at his crib and they headed to Jah's uncle's spot for a quick haircut. I'm jealous, I STILL haven't gotten a cut since quarantine started...
Anyways, after the cut, Jah headed to Hoop House to get some work in with Ryan Razooky. Jah's been working on his shot, handles, stamina, and more. He's moving CRAZY for a footer. Good luck to anyone tryna guard him next year.
Later, Jah headed to the pool to get a pool workout in. Pool workouts are great because they're low impact and help you stay cool. Def good exercise to add into your mix.
Between all the workouts, you KNOW Jah made some time for tacos too! Watch that vid and see what a Day In The Life with Jah is like!
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God please protect the person reading this right now 🙏🏽🙏🏽

by jv 3 2 months ago

Who ever is reading this yous a blessing

by Xlero Gaby 2 months ago

This kid's gonna go far

by Rage 2 months ago

My guy Jah!! Such a great player & even better person! Big year for him

by Ryan Razooky 2 months ago

“Diet I don’t have a diet” Jah you gotta get right you can be like James Wisemen

by aaroniso 2 months ago

if he really wants it , he wouldve started eating healthy by now lol.

by KP98 Jokook12 2 months ago

Buddy gon look like eddy curry if he don’t get on a diet

by Erik Godinez 2 months ago

He has the gift of being 7 foot and he thinks everything will just come to him ... work for it man

by 6969 subs with no videos 2 months ago

Why do all these young highschool basketball prodigys have the biggest, nicest houses

by Conor Palmer 2 months ago

Hey guys my name is Kyle and I'm here to spread the gospel everywhere!
Verse of the day:
Romans NLT
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

by _Kylestian 2 months ago

Comments: HAVe a BleSseD DaY

by Rafika 1337 2 months ago

“I don’t have a diet” “he works out 3 times a WEEK (In the OFFSEAON)” “Drives a Tesla”. “Im tryna go straight outta HIGH SCHOOL”. I’m just saying it doesn’t really seem like he wants it like other players. He seems very content with what he was given with god given talent and size. Look at someone like Sharife Cooper who works out 3 times a Day IN SEASON. Jah has god given talent it just seems he has no urgency to be GREAT like he Says he WANTS to be.

by Fantastic Football Moments 2 months ago

Jah bruh lay off the donuts and start eating them veggies 😂

by IceBucket2K 2 months ago

Jahs uncle: he is not Joel embid he a shooter inside player and a center that can handle the ball. Is that literally not embid

by Yk Tv 2 months ago

He can not hold his own against college and pro players... he got thrown around by aiden at Overtime Takeover

by T Cerano 2 months ago

These hoopers be low key havin mad money and not even showin 💯

by Andrew Robinson 2 months ago

He’s gonna struggle to get up the court😂

by Boro Jandric 2 months ago

I have mixed feelings about him if he looses weight that would change my mind

by kingkong fly 2 months ago

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