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“He Just Needs To Quit.” Mikey Williams Gets CALLED OUT By Family, Then GOES OFF Vs #1 Player 😱

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Y'all been asking for it and it's finally back... FEAR NOTHING!!!!
In Episode 6, Mikey Williams and San Ysidro are getting ready for Evan Mobley and Rancho Christian. Evan's the #1 ranked player in the country, and he's a 7 footer. Ysidro's tallest player is Kailen, who's only 6'5", so this about to be a battle!! Who's gonna come out on top, the #1 freshman in the country or the #1 senior??
Before the game though, Mikey's tryna get some baseball in, so he heads to the diamond with his sister Skye and brother Marvin. Btw, Skye is an AMAZING softball player, and she's already getting D1 offers. You KNOW she's hitting bombs. Mikey on the other hand?? Uhh, maybe he should stick to basketball, but he got it going at the end a lil bit.
Watch that episode and see what happens with Mikey vs Evan!!!
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Overtime photo 1 “He Just Needs To Quit.”... Overtime photo 2 “He Just Needs To Quit.”... Overtime photo 3 “He Just Needs To Quit.”... Overtime photo 4 “He Just Needs To Quit.”...

Was it as hype as y'all expected?

by Overtime 2 months ago

Mikey- "Im the greatest basketball player to ever touch a bat"
Michael Jordan has entered the chat

by HOOPS 4 HEAVEN 2 months ago

hits one ball “I’m the best person to ever touch a bat”🤣

by Dante Dyck 2 months ago

He’s gonna make it professionally before Julian Newman lol

by Stoneberry 34959 2 months ago

Ngl sometimes Mikey gets a lil cocky but I still love his energy and his agility as a player he’s rlly talented for his age he’s going places

by Gabriel Placide 2 months ago

Damn, her sister is nice at softball and she got a letter from Oklahoma for softball too.

by tobi ajumobi 2 months ago

Let’s goooo been so hype for this

by Lax 4 2 months ago

Everyone early: QuIcK ThInK oF sOmEtHiNg FuNnY

by Ben Lai 2 months ago

Dear stranger may your parents live for 100 years ♥️

by Rzney clxaps 2 months ago

Stg Marvin commentary be killin me idk why tho 😂

by taylor hawkins 2 months ago

Yo I swear everyone in their family’s voice is deep as hell 🤣

by Pat H 2 months ago

She looks like the girl version of Mikey that’s crazy. She’s beautiful

by Monas311 2 months ago

Claim your “before 100k views” here

by Sneaker Head 2 months ago

Who else is watching and scrolling through the comments

by The Chioras 2 months ago

fastest 11 minutes of my life

by Cparko 2 months ago

Finally this show is sooo good!!

by BBall Goat4 2 months ago

Tired after rolling loud huh💨🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

by Adam Sheriff 2 months ago

The Ball: My grades
Mikey: My brain pushing it away 😂

by Haikey!! 2 months ago

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