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BlackPink - How You Like That (TIKTOK DANCE COMPILATION)

Oscar Kip photo 1 BlackPink - How You Like... Oscar Kip photo 2 BlackPink - How You Like... Oscar Kip photo 3 BlackPink - How You Like... Oscar Kip photo 4 BlackPink - How You Like...


to learn the dance

by period luv 3 months ago

I can just feel a trend coming, with the “Look at you, now look at me”

by Nadja Reljic 2 months ago

blackpink dance not released yet:

BLINKS: Wait let me introduce myself

by Rayan A.H. 3 months ago

imagine if the local tiktokers find this dance

we will be expecting a mess

by bangtan x pink 2 months ago

Im really so confused how did they memorize the dance if its realeased yesterday. 🤯

by Jewel Rose Pielago 3 months ago

i have QUESTIONs that urgently need ANSWERS

by Pixel Tearz 3 months ago

I can usually memorise choreography pretty fast but they’re just on another level. Idk I can’t really make up the actions in the mv because it’s such a short clip of it but they all did amazing

by AL3X !S K!NG 3 months ago

How the song seriously came out this morning broooo when this dance comes out I am definitely learning it

by Hanniyah Carr 3 months ago


Subtitles: higHer liKe tHe shiP

by サムsamu 2 months ago

You can see how people were obbessed with it even while going to mall😂

by Becky Jr 22 hours ago

I'm here still trying to learn the dance to "BOOMBAYAH"....

by Daphne Ofili 2 months ago

Lol they are all faster than my wifi😂😭
And the dance practice are not even drop yet😂😂

by lalisa manoBangs 2 months ago

The dance practice has'nt drop yet,but people already start dancing to it...

What kind of QUEENS is this...

by Asma nnn 3 months ago

Seriously blackpink album realese just a day ago whereas these blinks start dancing nd me here what is this

by Bhavna Bisht 2 months ago

This is my SISTER 🌚 😭 😂 ❤️ 🥀

by Kim Reem 1 month ago

Am i the only person who hates when ppl use a Kpop song as a sound but dont even do the right dance or like Kpop period

by Asia Trap 2 months ago

я : какого ?!
мой мозг : ля какой )

by Aisha Aldan 2 months ago

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