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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek Trailer (2021) Harley Quinn Action Movie HD

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek Trailer Teaser (2021) Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie, John Cena, James Gunn, Action Movie HD
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ONE Media photo 1 THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek... ONE Media photo 2 THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek... ONE Media photo 3 THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek... ONE Media photo 4 THE SUICIDE SQUAD Sneak Peek...

Looks like Margot Robbie is gonna need back surgery after carrying another Suicide Squad movie.

by LucidClan YT 4 weeks ago

No one can ever replace Margot Robbie for Harley Quinn. She portrays that character the best! So original!

by Muneeba Raees 3 weeks ago

We actually need to admit that we watch this movie just because of Margot Robbie

Edit : this comment become so famous lol

by BRUH 3 weeks ago

Everybody's talking about Harley while I'm sad El Diablo's not coming back

by Lazy Lion6 1 week ago

I’m literally only going to only watch for Harley Quinn because Margot Robbie‘s performance as Harley Quinn is perfect literally perfect

by Angel Izazaga 3 weeks ago

John Cena: "I'm like a douchy Captain America"
Marvel: "The Nerve..The Audacity..."

by A M 2 weeks ago

he said “don’t get to attached” if you kill my girl Harley we are gonna have a problem here sir, I’m also so happy they brought back Captain boomerang he is just a funny character

by Blazebella 3 weeks ago

Why does Cena's costume look like the foam onesie Halloween costumes people buy last minute at Walmart?

by Wallflower 2 weeks ago

Don’t come for me, but I thought the first suicide squad was really good. I really liked dead shot, Harley, and captain boomerang

by Bella Boo 1 week ago

Well, looks like Margot Robbie’s gonna hurt her back again for carrying another suicide squad movie

by Marvel J 1 month ago

Margot Robbie is the only person who could ever portray Harley, and she does a great job at it too

by Uzumakiplays 2 days ago

I don’t care with the other characters, I’m here for HARLEY QUEEN

by Tabitha Yamauchi 3 days ago

lets be honest, Id only watch it for harley quinn--- again

by Gustavo Montoya 2 weeks ago

Ugh I’m so glad they didn’t cast a different actress for Harley

by Jennifer Rebecca 1 week ago

I’m actually really glad they kept Margot Robbie, I feel like she is able to portray Harley Quinn very well.

by Kaighlei Clendennin 4 weeks ago

If someone else would've played the role of Harley Quinn, not gonna lie this movie would've been a total flop

by Areum Kim 2 weeks ago

This looks...all over the place. Even the characters.

by Ladie Libra 3 days ago

Looks better than that Harley Quinn movie
Everyone is saying how they’re only watching the movie for Harley Quinn but I’ve always loved the suicide squad

by icedan 115 2 days ago

Yeah, but I was waiting for “The Joker “ the whole video 😑

by Dominic Leeh 2 days ago

I like how the trailer is basically just trying to reassure the fans that it wont be as bad but don't get too excited

by Slow Motion Films 4 weeks ago

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